Lucy's Sweet Sixteen

Hey everyone. So I mentioned on Saturday that I got home really late on Friday night/Saturday morning. I was out all night Friday for my good friend Lucy's Sweet Sixteen! It was a ton of fun and I wanted to share with you what we did!

PS :: Today is Lucy's actual birthday and she is officially 16! Lucy is the kindest, sweetest and greatest person ever! She is such an amazing dancer and such a good friend. I love her so much and here's what we did for her birthday!

So we met at Lucy's house and we had a kid-champagne toast and then it was off into the limo!

We took a white limo (it was like a truck limo) to a harbor and went on a boat. We were supposed to go on the boat the entire night, but due to winds and waves we could only stay in the dock. It was still fun just chilling on the boat though. We ate some Jimmy John's and just took pictures and other stuff. 

After that we took the limo and went to Navy Pier. We went on the ferris wheel, the swings and just walked around. It was so much fun and the rides were great. The weather was perfect too! It was a little chilly, but it meant I got to pull out my new jacket! 

We took the limo from Navy Pier and we were going to go to the beach, but went to The Rock and Roll McDonald's instead. One of the guys was generous enough to buy 4 large fries and we devoured those very quickly! 

From the Rock and Roll McDonald's we took the limo back to Lucy's house and enjoyed some delicious desserts! There was sparkling punch, chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes (regular vanilla with chocolate and chocolate with Reese's in the middle), and cookies. It was so good and then we just hung out at Lucy's for the rest of the night.

The whole night was extremely fun! It was incredible too because we could bluetooth our phones for the limo and we listened to a ton of fun music. 

I had an amazing time and here are some pictures from the night. 

It was a totally tumblr worthy night!

PS :: My outfit will be posted on my style page. 


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  1. Love your jacket--perfect for fall! Great pictures as well :)



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