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So if you know me, you know that I am legit obsessed with YouTube. It is my favorite website ever because you can always find something new and entertaining. I definitely get way too caught up on YouTube just because I keep on clicking on every video and just keep on watching random videos. So today I want to share with you some of my favorite people to watch on YouTube. There is a big mix so these are just a lot of random people that I love. 

 THATSOJACK | First let's talk about my all time favorite: thatsojack. I honestly just love him so much. He is my absolute favorite youtuber because he is so hysterical. He has my life struggle, not living in California, and he's just too great. Seriously check out his videos because they will make you legit laugh out loud. Check out his especially hilarious video about The Common White Girl. He's just too great.

MADISENROSEBEAUTY1 | So I randomly found this channel I honestly don't know how, but I love this channel. Maddi Bragg definitely has an entirely different style than I do, but I'm starting to love it. She lives basically my dream life in California, but I love all of her videos. She has fun tutorials and fashion videos too!

STILABABE09 | I've been watching Meredith for quite some time now, but her videos never seem to get old. She has really fun and clever ideas and a fabulous sense of style. I love all of her DIY's and she's basically a young MacBarbie07. But I like that Meredith's videos are short and sweet and she really is more realistic than all of the other beauty gurus (I feel). I think that she doesn't have this ginormous collection or makeup or clothes and she seems just more normal because of that.

MISSGLAMORAZZI | Ingrid is so stunning and makes the best hair and makeup tutorial videos. She always has these beautiful makeup and hair looks and is really clever with them. Also I can't seem to get over how wonderful her camera quality is. Everything looks so lovely when filmed with it. She also has fun GIY's (glam it yourself).

JENNAMARBLES | Okay Jenna Marbles is just hilarious. She is so funny and none of her videos ever get old. I can rewatch all of her videos over and over again and keep on laughing. She is so funny and I always look forward to watching her videos.

NIKKIPHILLIPPI | Nikki is just such an upbeat and positive character that you can't help but be happy alongside her. I always find myself watching her videos and instantly being put into a better mood. She posts really fun videos of all sorts of things and I'm always intrigued to watch no matter what the topic may be!

I know that's a bit of a list, and there's more, but I thought I'd keep it to a short(er) list. Anyways, who are your favorite youtubers? Give me some more suggestions because I am always watching YouTube videos.

P.S. Happy sweet 16 to my good friend Jacob! He'll be happy to see this because he always wants to be featured on the blog. Have a swag day JShay!! You totes deserve it. I'd say you're pretty cool now that you have some style and wear your polos (you're wearing one in every photo). I'm glad we're good friends and that we have JKG forever #theswagcrew. 


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