I've been totally slacking with posting on the blog recently just because it's the end of the school year. Finals are this week and I really just want to be done with school. It's impossible to study when the weather is so nice! With that being said once summer comes along I'll be sure to post a lot more often and on my new blog! I'm so excited to launch my new blog so definitely stay tuned for what that will be. I can't wait to start fresh on a new and improved blog and I have lots of fun things planned so keep in touch with me about that! With all of this information stated I will not be posting for one more week! I'm sorry! It's just super difficult having to study and then also trying to blog. I'm finished with school on Friday so expect there to be a fresh new post next Monday (giving me the weekend to get back on track and to make some great posts for y'all). I hope you guys can be patient and continue to read my blog once I get back. Anyways, I'll talk to you in a week! Adios!

Btw, Happy post-Memorial Day! Hope your day was fabulous!

XO, Kate

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