Coastal Living

I'm always so inspired by anything nautical and especially seaside decor. A few years back when I stayed in Sea Island Georgia I simply fell in love with all of the designs featured around living near the sea and coast. One of my favorite things I saw was stucco with seashells. It gave the home a totally nautical vibe. But, the interior design is incredible in houses by the sea as well. I love the hues of blue and the little accents of the sea.

XO, Kate

S+S Illustration

I was so happy when Anna from Cheeks & Heels told me that she would draw me! She hosted a giveaway a couple weeks ago from and announced that all of the people that had entered won! I was so excited that she would be drawing me because she's truly so talented! The coolest thing is that she is self taught! I cannot even imagine trying to draw someone. To say the least it wouldn't turn out at all like the beautiful artwork she created. She is based in Italy which is already cool, but her artwork is so unbelievable! Be sure to check out Anna's blog and see all of her amazing paintings!

XO, Kate

Spring Break Skinny: Part I

I know that this blog has turned a bit into a fitness blog, but I think that's a good thing! I definitely needed to clean up my eating habits and exercise a bit more and this is definitely helping me to do it. And I hope that you guys are enjoying more of these health posts in 2014. So, I decided to start a new series called "Spring Break Skinny". I wanted to share this with you guys because I'm definitely starting with a strict new eating plan and trying to only consume foods that are healthy for me. The word skinny is commonly described as just being a very thin person, but I think healthy is a better word to use in fitness. Although I used skinny above just because it fits the title better with the word spring (they both start with "s"), but I think being healthy is way more important than being skinny. So definitely keep that in mind when reading this post. So anyways this first post is about workouts to be spring break skinny! These are the workouts that I'm going to be doing to get extra toned for the swimsuit season!

Plus, what's a workout without a workout playlist! These songs are great at keeping you pumped up to power through a tough workout!

1. Pumpin Blood - NONONO
2. Naive (Remix) - The Kooks
3. Out of My League - Fitz and the Tantrums
4. What You Know - Two Door Cinema Club
5. Best I Ever Had - Gavin DeGraw

XO, Kate

The Best Humans

I don't talk about celebrities on her often, other than mentioning my idols. But I really wanted to share with you my favorite people/favorite celebrities. These include a lot of different people, but I seriously just love them. These are the people that I would so meet and hang out with if I could. 

 Jimmy Fallon // Honestly how can you not think he's hilarious? My dad and I are simply obsessed with Jimmy Fallon videos especially the #hashtag video. After watching this my dad loves to talk in hashtag. I think spending a day with Jimmy Fallon would probably be the funniest day of my life. He seems like such a fun person to be around.
 Shailene Woodley // Shailene is in so many of my favorite movies and I just love her. She seems like such a genuine person and a lot of fun to be around.
 Blake Lively // Obviously I love her in Gossip Girl, but in the Gossip Girl bloopers she seems like so much fun! She's always laughing and she's so funny. And if I would meet her I'd definitely go shopping with her because her style is killer. 
Zac Efron // How can you not love this beauty? He was amazing as Troy Bolton, but clearly now he's even better (JK no one beats Troy Bolton). I think that Zac Efron seems like someone that would be so much fun to hang out with. 
 Jennifer Lawrence // I admit that I like her old hair better, but Jennifer Lawrence is pure gold. She's actually the funniest person of all time and I'm pretty sure if I were to spend a whole day with her I would have such an amazing time.
Justin Timberlake // I was lucky enough to have the chance to go to the Justin Timberlake concert last Sunday and he was so good! I was really surprised and I have a new respect for him. I always liked him, but now I love him even more. And him and Jimmy Fallon together = perfect people. They are hilarious! Another one of my dad and I's favorite videos is the History of Rap. Please watch it it's actually hilarious.

Those are my favorite celebs that I would kill to spend a day with! Who are yours?

XO, Kate

Embrace Messy Hair

Whenever I scroll through Pinterest (which is pretty much all I do) I always see so many pins regarding wavy hair. I have naturally wavy hair and I always try to cover it with straightening it. But recently I've been wearing it natural a lot more often, and I'm starting to actually like it. I think that the girls with pin straight hair envy the curly haired gals and vice versa. I know for a long time I desired for perfectly straight hair and sometimes I still think that would make my life easier, but I've learned how to embrace messy hair, meaning just leave my hair natural. It's a pretty effortless look and it adds a messy touch to a polished look.

XO, Kate

Denim Jacket

I was so excited when I found this perfect jean jacket from Nordstrom BP. I absolutely adore the light wash of the jacket that makes it perfect for spring! I can't wait to wear it when the weather warms up a bit! I was thinking of pairing it with some white jeans or any colored shorts. I found some more inspiration of how to style a denim jacket via Pinterest. Comment if you want to see me style a denim jacket in the spring!

 I love this look with the leather pants and the black converse! The jean jacket adds the perfect touch to the look!

 I was definitely thinking about pairing my denim jacket with a skirt and this look is perfect! Now that I see that cross body I realize that I desperately need an everyday cross body bag.
 I love the white jeans with the denim jacket! The neutral top paired underneath works perfectly! And how cute is that pup?

This look is so chic! I love the little touch of animal print pumps to add a touch of color to a more neutral outfit.

What do you think of denim jackets?

XO, Kate

Beach House

Yesterday it rained. No it did not snow, it rained! I was so happy to finally see the some of the snow was finally melting. There was a bit of flooding because of so much water, but finally some of the snow is gone! We're getting close to March which means that spring is finally coming! With spring comes spring break! I'm so excited for spring break this year and my family finally decided that we are renting a house near the beach in Georgia! I'm so excited for this trip and of course Pinterest is helping me see some beautiful beach houses! This makes me want a beach house of my own to actually live in. Or just a lake house for the summer. We used to have a lake house, but sadly we sold it. All of these houses are absolutely stunning and the exteriors are so beachy!

Are these houses not perfect? Which one is your fave?

XOXO, Kate

Natural Beauty

I definitely went through a phase where I was obsessed with makeup. Wearing and buying it. Last year I wore makeup almost every day, although it was very light. Earlier this year I wore makeup almost every single day, but just the basics; concealer, powder and mascara. Now that I have swimming in gym (which is surprisingly very fun) I rarely ever wear makeup to school. I usually bring it in my backpack, but I hardly ever actually take the effort to put it on after swimming or I just forget to. This has taught me to enhance my natural beauty and to not always coverup every flaw with makeup. I always tried to cover up my dark circles, but I just realized that I will always have dark circles no matter how much sleep I get. The skin underneath my eyes is extremely thin, it's a fact. And my eyelids are extremely vainy. They're kind of creepy looking, but that's another thing that I used to always cover up. It makes me unique, so why try and hide it? And it has come to me that pretty much every teenager in the world has acne so I shouldn't stress over the smallest of breakouts. I think that beauty comes from not only the outer look, but from within. A beautiful person is beautiful inside and out. Makeup is fine if it makes you feel very confident, but it doesn't define your beauty. One of my favorite quotes about beauty comes from Leighton Meester (aka Blair Waldorf)

"...I didn't recognize myself anymore without makeup. Now when I wear it I think I look really weird."

This quote goes far in the fact that piling on the makeup to your face just makes you look unlike yourself and you shouldn't hid your natural beauty. A bit of makeup is fine, but I think that just doing what you can to enhance your finest features is enough!

PS You are beautiful!

XOXO, Kate

Sole Mate

Where I live the temperatures have been rising, but I don't think they'll last long. This week is supposed to be up in the 40's, but I'm sure that the warmness will fade and the cold will come again. Winter isn't over yet! But, with these temporary warm temperatures I've been lusting over a few shoes that I have been wanting to break out all of winter! I still wear Sperry's in the winter even though it's near to impossible to trudge through the snow with them on, but these are the shoes I'm hoping to purchase/wear in the springtime!

Jack Rogers // Yes, please! I love the Lauren sandal better than the classic and they have such fun colors of these shoes! My favorite would have to be the Nantucket color (I couldn't find them online, but I saw them at Lord & Taylor and they are a pretty coral color)! Are these not perfect for wearing on the beach?

Converse // I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that they came out with pastel converse; and in my favorite shade, mint! I begged my mom to buy me the mint high top converse, but she refused. Well, when I babysit a bit more and earn some extra cash I'll definitely be purchasing these!

Joie Sandals // Joie always has the cutest shoes in the world, they're just a bit beyond my budget. How cute are these pastel sandals? They always have the cutest sandals and flats and I may have to invest in a versatile pair... 

What shoes are you loving for spring + are you excited for spring?

XOXO, Kate


I saw this post over at Prep in Your Step otherwise known as Dorothy's blog. I know there was like an official sign up of the people that were actually doing this, but I saw it after everything was said and done, but I still thought it'd be fun to do it! Anyways, let's get on with the questions regarding blogger breakfast in bed. 

By the way this is pretty much me every Saturday morning. On my laptop all morning. I'm pretty sure my laptop is my only friend.

1. What is the first thing you do on a lazy Saturday morning?
I wouldn't call my lazy Saturday a morning...I usually wake up around 11 or 12. But, the first thing I'll do on my Saturday afternoons is check other people's blogs and then usually eat some fruit for breakfast.

2. What is your ideal breakfast?
Either a super big platter of fruit, 2 eggs scrambled with hash browns and bacon, or chocolate chip pancakes. #yum

3. If you could have woken up this morning and been anywhere, where would it be?
LA of course! California is my life.

4. What is your favorite Instagram filter?
I always find myself using Amaro the most. I don't know why but I love the effect it gives on a picture.

XOXO, Kate

NYFW Street Style

With New York hustling and bustling with Fashion Week I figured it was the perfect time to magnify some of my favorite fashion from the week. Personally, the fashion shows are amazing, but I like the street style better. To me it's so much more wearable and it's worn by real people, not models. There's something just so real about it. These are the fashions that I've seen that are perfect! Some of these are not from this years fashion week (as you can probably tell because there's warmer weather), but I still think they are fabulous!

As you can probably tell oversized coats were a huge thing and I'm seriously loving the look!

XOXO, Kate

Ask Me

Ayyy. So I decided to do another "Ask Kate" post because the last one was such a success. But, this time I wanted to try out doing the post in video form. I always complain that I don't use my camera enough so I figured this would be a good way to put it to use! Comment down below, email me or tweet me (yes, I finally joined twitter)! Ask any questions you may have about me/my life, blogging, fashion, fitness, beauty or really anything! I'm pretty much open to answering most questions! I'm really excited to film this video, but I need questions first so ask me some!


XOXO, Kate

Will You Be My Valentine?

Valentine's Day is today and I'm pretty excited! Valentine's Day is definitely not my favorite of holidays, but it's still a fun day to show someone that you love them! My valentine's this year are probably my readers because I love you guys so much! Today we are performing a dance for drill team and I'm super excited for it! The dance is to "Ain't No Other Man" by Christina Aguilera! It's a super sassy jazz dance and I can't wait to perform it! I'll probably be spending Valentine's Day with some of my friends because I'm #foreveralone! But, I'll most definitely be watching a movie or two in the spirit of the holiday! Valentine's Day is one of my favorite movies of all time so I'll most likely be watching that movie! Or, some other suggestions are Crazy, Stupid, Love; The Notebook; The Last Song; or The Lucky One. Those movies are all lovey dovey and perfect for Valentine's Day! It also seemed fitting that I share with you some wonderful Valentine's Day inspiration found, of course, via Pinterest

Here are some quick recipes to celebrate Valentine's Day!

XOXO, Kate

PS :: Don't forget to tell someone you love someone today! Whether it be your parents, siblings, friends, or a significant other!

Blogs I Read

I've most definitely talked about this before, but I wanted to share with you my favorite blogs to read. I read quite a few blogs, but these are the ones that I'm guaranteed to check on the daily. I really love to read blogs and that's the main reason why I started my own! These are my top favorites and they all happen to be people around my age. I think that young bloggers give a fresh new taste of style to the blogging world.
Citrus & Style // Caroline is simply brilliant and I really love her blog! This is probably my top favorite blog that I read every day. She has amazing style, great writing skills and talks about so many different topics that it's impossible to get bored!

The Blonde Prep // Frannie is the main reason why I even started my own blog! Frannie is an old friend and her blog is so fun! She has impecable style and her life is just perfect. Her blog design is too cute as well!

Sailing the Sea of Style // Sloane could not be more perfect. Her style is amazing! Every outfit post is absolutely perfect and she's so daring with her style, but she can pull of anything. Also, her travel posts are amazing because she visits so many interesting places!

Stripes + Peonies // I love Gracey's outfit posts! Her style is so edgy, but classic and preppy at the same time. Her blog design is absolutely beautiful and she has absolutely perfect taste! Her backgrounds for her photoshoots are also absolutely beautiful!

VA is for Lilly Lovers // Caroline is such a sweetheart and her blog is too cute! She has fabulous style and I love reading anything and everything she has to say on her blog each day. She has amazing tips about style, fitness and beauty and great style in her outfit posts and outfit designs!

Definitely check out some of these amazing girls if you haven't yet!

XOXO, Kate
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