Valentine DIY's

Every year around Valentine's Day I always want to make something cute for my friends to celebrate our friendship on this day of love. And of course Pinterest is the place to go to look for inspiration! These are my top DIY projects for Valentine's Day. I'll hopefully be trying a few of these out if I have time with my pretty busy schedule.

Eraser Heart Prints // I think that this heart card is too cute! It's super easy to create and click the link to find out how! It's a fun way to spice up a plain card and add in a bit of the Valentine's spirit! This is perfect for writing your loved ones heartfelt cards in a super adorable way!

Love Struck Place Cards // These things are too perfect! I love the combination of the gold with the pink + white! These work perfect for a place card (if you're hosting anything for Valentine's Day) or they can be used as a paperweight as well! I think they are adorable and are able to be personalized!

Clever Cards // Cards are the perfect thing on Valentine's Day because you can totally customize what you want it to be. Click the link for some super original card ideas that have great sayings on them! They are too perfect!

Arrow Cookie Picks // Macaroons + adorable arrows! These picks can be put through anything that you have your heart set on this Valentine/s Day! I love the look of the macaroons with the arrows, but cookies, fruit or mini cakes would totally work as well!

XOXO, Kate


  1. Valentine's Day is one of my favorite days of the year! I love doing little crafty things regarding the holiday. Cute, fun cards are the best!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

    1. Yes! They're a great way to show someone how you feel in a totally harmless way!

      XOXO, Kate


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