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Where I live the temperatures have been rising, but I don't think they'll last long. This week is supposed to be up in the 40's, but I'm sure that the warmness will fade and the cold will come again. Winter isn't over yet! But, with these temporary warm temperatures I've been lusting over a few shoes that I have been wanting to break out all of winter! I still wear Sperry's in the winter even though it's near to impossible to trudge through the snow with them on, but these are the shoes I'm hoping to purchase/wear in the springtime!

Jack Rogers // Yes, please! I love the Lauren sandal better than the classic and they have such fun colors of these shoes! My favorite would have to be the Nantucket color (I couldn't find them online, but I saw them at Lord & Taylor and they are a pretty coral color)! Are these not perfect for wearing on the beach?

Converse // I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that they came out with pastel converse; and in my favorite shade, mint! I begged my mom to buy me the mint high top converse, but she refused. Well, when I babysit a bit more and earn some extra cash I'll definitely be purchasing these!

Joie Sandals // Joie always has the cutest shoes in the world, they're just a bit beyond my budget. How cute are these pastel sandals? They always have the cutest sandals and flats and I may have to invest in a versatile pair... 

What shoes are you loving for spring + are you excited for spring?

XOXO, Kate


  1. I really want a pair of Joie sandals for the spring/summer! They look so cute!

    Prep on a Budget

  2. I used to not really like Jack Rogers, but after discovering the Lauren style, my mind changed! I like these ones a lot better. They are the perfect summer sandal!

    Constance || Prep Northwest


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