Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope that y'all have a super fun Halloween and eat tons of candy! If I end up going trick-or-treating or wearing a costume I'm going to wear my Minnie Mouse one from last year. Halloween this year sort of just got away from me and I was so excited to be a Starbucks Barista, but was let down when I couldn't find the right color dye anywhere! Anyways stay safe and have a super fun Halloween!

P.S. Aren't these pumpkins just too cute?


Plaid To The Max

Since forever plaid has been an essential to the fall time. But especially this year I've been falling in love with all different plaid pieces and flannel shirts too! They are absolutely perfect for the colder months of fall to throw on over anything! These are some of my favorites.

I think my favorite thing about plaid is that it can be paired so many different ways. Flannels look great on their own or layered over graphic tees. Plaid shirts look perfect underneath sweaters for that fun pop of a collar with a unique accent. Also I've been seeing plaid shirts worn with statement necklaces as shown above. I think this look is so cute! It definitely adds a girly element to a more boyish look.

I definitely need to invest in some more flannels because I love how soft they are! Plaid shirts are perfect too! I don't own very many of either, but I may just have to purchase some because they are such a fall essential.

Do you like plaid?


Sarah Vickers

If you're preppy at all, you know who Sarah Vickers is. She's the blogger behind Classy Girls Wear Pearls the ultimate preppy blog along with of course The College Prepster. She is absolutely perfect and just lives this high-end lifestyle that I think every prepster wants to lead. And let me just say does she have style. Everything she wears is perfectly paired together and she looks incredible. Here are some of my favorite pictures/outfits of Ms. Vickers. 

If I could choose any closet to raid it would most definitely be hers because she has the cutest pieces ever! She styles them so effortlessly as well!


So Sorry + DIY's

Hey guys so I'm sorry of my absence lately. I was really only MIA for 2 days and this was just randomly due to a pretty busy schedule for me. I've been feeling a little uninspired lately for my blogging and I'm not sure why. All I seem to be posting is just random things that don't even matter, but I'm really trying to start posting some things more relevant to fall and things that are more interesting. Definitely comment below any requests that you have because I need more ideas. A Fall Haul is definitely coming up sometime this week and hopefully a few more fall related posts, outfits, DIY's or even videos will be up soon. Please give me suggestions because I need some inspiration.

So anyways, on with this post. I saw that Caroline from Citrus & Style just did a post about DIY's to try. I was so intrigued that I thought I should make my own post of the DIY's that I've been wanting to try recently so here they are!

Book Shelf // Bulletin Board // Photo Wall // Camera Strap

I need somewhere to be putting books when I eventually get into reading. I think that reading is like running; it helps everything. Reading helps you stay focused, read faster (saves you a ton of time in school), write better, expand your vocabulary and more. I think that I need to get reading, but also I want to have a cute way to display books. And magazines too! I am running out of space for those things!

Bulletin Boards are a must and maybe the reason why I'm uninspired is because I have no inspiration board in front of me to look at. I really want just a cork board to put some fun magazine clippings or maybe even pictures. Also, I've been very interested in purchasing a polaroid camera. I think I might because I'm just obsessed with cameras I think ha ha. 

And in the subject of cameras, a photo wall! With my DSLR camera I need somewhere to display pictures, but I also need to order prints of them! That's part of the reason why I want a polaroid, so that I actually print them out and I don't just let them take up space on my computer.

And still on the subject of cameras, a cute camera strap! This one is supah cute! I also love this one with it's bright pop of color!

Comment below! I love reading comments!


It's Friday.

Happy Friday! I'm sorry for this super stupid post, but this is all I had time for today. Hope you have a great day!


Throwback to Gossip Girl

So in honor of Throwback Thursday today I thought I'd do a little post about the most wondrous Gossip Girl. I won't spoil anything about the plot because I know that still many people are continuing to watch the show. A lot of my friends have just caught on and since it's all on Netflix, why not watch it? Gossip Girl definitely took over my life at one point, so try and keep it from doing that if you are just starting to watch the show.

But anyways, I miss it! I love the show and all of the characters so much. And the style is to die for! I just miss it so much so I thought I'd make a collage of some of my favorite moments/outfits/characters of the show. But honestly every episode is my favorite so it was really hard to choose on pictures!

Tell me who your favorite character is! Comment below! I cannot decide on mine, but I love Chuck!

And I just love this.


Just a Quote Kind of Day

So today I was feeling a quote. I've been very laggy lately and I just feel like life is in this same old boring routine, and I'm interested to stop waking up and looking forward to later that night when I can go back to bed. I'm sure this is common with many teenagers rather than just me, but still. So today is a quote, because I was just feeling one. And I know the information just given is entirely irrelevant to what I am talking about. Ha ha.

So anyways, onto this quote. This quote to me is absolutely perfect. I always know who is chasing their dreams, and who is being used to create someone else's dreams possible. I think that for me I need to set my goals high and not compare myself to others. Like this quote says you need to be building your own dreams, otherwise you're going to get stuck helping someone else make their dreams come true. This is a case where you should be putting yourself before others because in the end a true friend will want the best for you and they want your dreams to come true. 

Hopefully you guys agree with me.

So anyways, hopefully this weekend I'll be able to work more on getting up outfit posts, et cetera so that this blog can have a little more excitement to it. I've just been very busy recently with a lot of things scheduled throughout the week and over the weekend. Just hang in there, more is coming soon!


What to be for Halloween

Hey guys! So Halloween is just around the corner! I'm pretty excited although I haven't figured out what I'm doing on Halloween yet. Anyways, I'll need a costume no matter what. Honestly you're never too young to go trick-or-treating and I think it's a super fun part of Halloween and I definitely want to go trick-or-treating this year. But, I'm not sure what to be! I have been looking around quite a bit and these are a few of my Halloween faves. Let me know if you want to see a DIY on how I make my costume (if I end up creating my own). I made a Minnie Mouse one last year out of the same costume I wore in Kindergarden and it turned out super good! 
Anyways, these are my 2 favorite costumes that I might be for Halloween.


Brandy Baby

So I've been meaning to write this post for some time now, but I completely forgot about it. This post is all about Brandy Melville. So I went to California in March and I went to two different Brandy Melville's. I think going to that store was what I was most excited about in California. And I didn't get anything at either store. The first store I had picked out two things I liked and then I changed my mind and I thought no I don't need these. I don't know why I thought that! And then at the second store I grabbed two things as well and then they were like, "oh sorry our register isn't working so we can't make any transactions, but it'll probably be working in 30 minutes." I was like umm no I'm not waiting.   I would've if the store was bigger, but it was super small so there was really not much to look at. The first store was pretty big though. But, hopefully if we go to New York for spring break like my mom wants to I'll go to the Brandy there and buy some stuff and the LF there cuz LF is adorable.

Anyways so these are the pieces that I am currently loving. I am currently working on putting my haul video together and maybe doing a Brandy Melville lookbook or styling video. Let me know if you want to see that! Anyways, so these are my current faves. PS I know Brandy is a little bit out of my style, but I think that's why I like it ha ha.

The majority of the things are floral-type print and that is pretty central to Brandy Melville. You'll also find that they like to create a print and then create many different types of items in that same print. I like that so you can find the same pattern in a skirt or shorts or even a top!


90's Kids

Okay so technically I'm not a 90's child because I was born at the end of the 90's in 1997, but honestly I'm a 90's kid. The 90's generation is definitely the best ever and I'm sure most of you if you're my age or older would agree. So today I'd like to reminisce on the wonderful 90's. Because, according to Teen Nick The 90's Are All That.

So this video legit just sums up my childhood. It's pretty amazing how much I was freaking out when I was watching this because it was literally my childhood.
 So watch it if you are a 90's kid too!

And let me just say that these websites were my favorite by far! And they changed Polly Pocket's look, like what? You just can't do that. No. Thank. You. But I used a picture of her with her old classic look. #don'tworry

So these were my favorite TV shows/movies during the 90's and basically my whole childhood.

I know there's a lot, but TV was sort of my life as a child. Anyways here are a few questions related to the 90's! #the90'stag

1. Favorite TV Show
I think this question was already answered above. Ha ha.

2. Favorite Toy
My favorite toy was bop-it. It was seriously so much fun!

3. Favorite Commercial
I can't really think of any commercials that I loved during that time. But maybe the kool-aid jammer ones.

4. N'Sync or Backstreet Boys
I honestly cannot decide because they are both just too great!

5. Weirdest Fashion Trend
Definitely the platform flip flops. I had hot pink and black ones. And gouchos and ponchos were a huge favorite of mine.

6. Favorite Collectibles
I really only collected snowglobes because I was pretty strange.

7. Favorite Beanie Baby
I had the one for the month of October for my birthday and that was my favorite. Or the one for March since I was an Irish Dancer and I loved St. Patrick's Day for my dancing.

8. How many Tamagotchi's did you go through?
I never had any although I always really wanted one. :(

9. Favorite Game Console + Game
My favorite was GameCube and the Extreme Skate Adventure Game #somuchfun #istillplay

10. Favorite Disney Channel Original Movie
I answered this question above, but some of my favorites were Pixel Perfect, Phantom of the Megaplex, Life Size, Big Fat Liar, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, Even Stevens Movie, Halloweentown (all of them)...okay there are actually more, but there's way too many.

11. Favorite Music Artist
Hilary Duff was pretty amazing. I loved Backstreet Boys, N'Sync and definitely AARON CARTER! AHH HE WAS MY LOVE!

12. Favorite Nick Jr. Show
Rugrats all the way.

13. Favorite Candy
Hmm..I loved fruit snacks and I still do.

14. Favorite Game (board game, school game, etc.)
I loved Perfection the board game, but at school I loved playing house and stacking the solo cups ha ha.

15. Favorite McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
My favorite would probably be the Justice ones.

16. Favorite Book
Junie B. Jones or Coraline

17. Favorite Clothing Store
Ohemg, Justice and Limited Too. I was ooobbbssseeesseeeeddd as a child.

18. What did you watch when you came home from school?
Arthur, Drake & Josh, Zoey 101 and more. All of the shows featured above. Oh and Lizzie McGuire!

Hope you enjoyed this super long post of me ranting about the 90's. The good old days. Haha thanks for reading!

Comment below what you remember from the 90's if you were a 90's child as well!


The Emily + Meritt Collection

My local mall has just recently adopted a new PB Teen store. I usually go into PB Teen when I'm at the mall now just to take a peek and see what new things they have. And let me just say their new collection. To. Die. For. I have been lusting over it. It is just so classic and perfect. It really makes me want to re-do my room with this type of theme, but I just re-did my room about two years ago and I know my parents aren't looking for me to entirely re-do my room once again. And with college in just two short years (oh.my.goodness.college.#what.) I won't be re-doing my room until I'm shopping for my dorm (wait-no college cannot be this soon, honestly where does the time go?). So here are just my favorites (there are a lot) of the new Emily and Meritt collection at PB Teen.

I really love of all of the little decorative pillows with their cute sayings and sequin accents. So cute! What doe you think? Comment below!



I have very many idols and role models in the world including my family members such as my mom and my sister, but today I wanted to focus on my celebrity idols and role models. These are the people that I think have achieved a lot and have always stayed true to their heart and really haven't let fame get to them.

Selena Gomez | I think that Selena Gomez is honestly one of the sweetest people ever. She definitely is engulfed in fame, but she really doesn't let it get to her. Constantly on her instagram she's posting pictures of her with her fans and it just shows how much she truly does care about all of her fans. I think that she's honestly just a real person and is always looking to have a good time. And she hasn't seem to turn out like most of the crazed Disney stars yet and hopefully she doesn't!

Lauren Conard | I honestly don't understand how someone couldn't like Lauren Conrad. She is such a beautiful person; inside and out. At first her career on The Hills and Laguna Beach was less than promising to me, but she did manage to get some good out of it. She started her own clothing line and now she is definitely a figure of fashion and beauty. Her website is super cool too! I love her style and how put together she always looks. Honestly, she could wear anything and look good!

Kendall Jenner | I just love this girl. First of all she is just so gorgeous, but she's also a genuine person. Unlike the majority of the notorious Kardashian's, Kendall actually has a heart and is a lot different from the rest. Constantly she's always wanting less than she's being given. She loves to give back and help other people. I think she's made the most of her fame and hasn't let it get to her. She also has amazing style and is actually so pretty!

Blake Lively | I just want her hair! It is to die for! It's so gorgeous! But Blake is honestly a real person and she has such a great sense of humor. She also has great beauty in her exterior, but also in her personality. She seems just like such a fun person and her style is incredible. 

Kate Middleton | Can't forget Kate! She is truly just such an amazing woman. She's always giving back and is never looking to impress anyone with a certain image. She's traditional and classic in her style and in her beliefs. She's always smiling and is so gorgeous. She is just such a genuine person that I don't understand how someone couldn't like her. 

Now that I've told you my idols, who are yours?


Elle & Dakota Fanning

So I recently stumbled upon a pin of sisters Elle and Dakota Fanning and realized that I completely forgot about them! I remember watching Dakota when I was a kid in Uptown Girls and thinking she was so strange (her character), but never really realized how grown up she has become. Her and her sister. They are honestly both so beautiful and stunning.They look a lot alike, and these are some of my favorite pictures that I have found of these two lovely sisters.


Fall into Autumn Part V: Fall Favorites

It is finally fall. I know it may seem like fall came a while ago, but for me it's actually feeling like fall now. I smell the fall in the air and it definitely has gotten very much chillier than it was! It's my last football game on Friday which is pretty sad because that means that the fall sports are ending and winter sports beginning. Drill team goes two seasons long, which can sometimes be a drag. I love being a part of drill and their are definitely perks of basketball season, but football season is just much more fun. But I'm really looking forward to competition season for drill this year. Their taking about 12 of the 23 girls they say, so I'm hoping that I make it, but honestly only being a sophomore I know there's a slim chance and I have 2 more years that I can be on the competition team. This Friday's game is a pink-out so hopefully I'll post pictures of it after the game!

Anyways so these are just a few of my fall favorites. I've been loving a few things so far for the fall time so here they are!

Pumpkin Apple Candle | This candle smells legit incredible. It is just like fall and amazingness all wrapped into one. I bought this candle on Friday with my mom and it's actually already half gone! It smells so good and I burn it all the time because it adds a nice warm smell to my room and just makes the overall ambiance much cozier.

Cozy Blanket | I love adding cozy blankets into my room for fall and just sleep with them and be super comfortable. I especially love this one in a fun fall hue and how soft and comfortable it is. This is basically the same one that I have in my room and I love sleeping with it.

Leggings | Where would I be without leggings? Leggings are so perfect to wear because they are absolutely the comfiest thing ever! I always wear them in the fall with boots and oversized sweaters for a perfect and super comfortable fall look. I love the Zella ones because they are very thick and quality and are not see through whatsoever!

Combat Boots | I just bought these boots from Steve Madden and they are absolutely adorable! They are not the comfiest things and they definitely feel like I'm wearing ice skates while I wear them, but they are so cute! Do any of y'all have tips on keeping your pants tucked into these though? Mine always pop out and look strange, but with leggings they're fine? Comment below please!

Christmas Lights | I put Christmas lights in my room last year in winter and used them a lot, but during the summer I really just never used them, but now I use them all the time! They add such nice lighting to my room and are perfect to use just when I want little lighting if I'm relaxing and watching Netflix or something. The only downside is that they're way to bright to sleep in. They just look so cute though. I just stole the ones that we put on our tree last year. Ha ha.

What are your fall favorites and how do I keep pants tucked into boots? Comment below!


Current Wants

Now that my birthday is over, I've been looking for some things to spend my birthday money on! #sweetsixteen

White Converse :: I have legit wanted these for one full year. My friend Lucy had them in the fall of last year and I was like those are super cute. And now they are such a huge trend. I really love them and think they look really cool with anything! By the way I finally ordered these! I'm so excited to get them! My parents let me get them for my birthday so now I'm super pumped!

Brandy Melville Killin' It Tank :: I fell in love with this tank from the moment I saw it. I think it is just so cool. But, I doubt I'll be doing anymore Brandy purchases after I just ordered things (haul coming soon!). I really do love this tank though!

Baseball Glove Chair :: So technically I don't want this because it is the wrong color to match my room, but I'm so upset that this chair doesn't come in other colors. I saw it at the PB Teen store yesterday and my mom and I were obsessed with how comfortable it is. You immediately sink in, but are still free to work on a laptop or read a book. It's perfect, except for the color!

Honestly that's all I've been loving. I'm not sure of my opinions these days ha ha.


Birthday Wishes

Hey guys! Today I am officially sixteen! Sweet Sixteen! I actually can't believe that sixteen years have gone by in my life. It seems like everything is moving way too fast and soon I'll be heading off to college. It's really sad to think about all this stuff, but there are so many memories and so much to look forward to in the future that it's all good. 

Today for my birthday I'm eating donuts (#myfave) for breakfast. I'm actually not healthy at all. And just hanging out for the day. Then at night I'm headed downtown for shopping/dinner with my fam and a couple of friends. 

My birthday present was already given to me from my parents in March. They took me to L.A. for an early sixteenth birthday gift, but honestly it was the best gift I've ever received (other than my iPhone for Christmas). It was the best week of my life because I love California so much and I want to live there. 

Anyways, this is a really random post, but in lieu of my birthday I thought I should make a post about it.

Thanks so much for reading, and as always there's more coming soon!


Versatile Blogger Award

Hey guys! I wanted to say a big thanks to Adalia from Sequins & Florals and Hunter from Prep on a Budget for nominating me for the versatile blogger award! It makes me so happy that people enjoy reading my blog! I have put so much time and effort into making my blog so that my readers would enjoy it and I'm amazed that I've achieved that! Thank you guys all for reading!

So in lieu of the award I'm supposed to write seven facts about myself so here they are!

1. I love shopping and I have a big addiction so I have cut myself off for the month of my October. No more shopping for the rest of the month, :'( tear. 
2. My favorite colors are aqua blue and navy.
3. I was an Irish Dancer for 7 years. 
4. I just got a haircut, and now my hair is so short. I can't deal.
5. My favorite store is Gap, I literally go there every weekend because I live super close to one.
6. I'm obsessed with my MacBook Pro. 
7. I am also obsessed with anything created by Dan Schneider, aka Victorious, Zoey 101, Drake and Josh, iCarly, and The Amanda Show. I think that he is the most clever and innovative writer for TV shows and movies. 

So here are the six people I nominate! Some of them have already been nominated, but I don't read that many blogs so yeah. 

Prepster and the City--this one has to be removed because the blog was removed from online, not sure why though. sorry about that.

If you're reading this then I nominate you as well!


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