Woo-hoo! IT'S OCTOBER! I'm pretty excited for this month. So I just thought I'd share with you a few images of what I consider to be a great October and my event schedule for the month.

So this weekend is homecoming. I'm actually now looking forward to it just to dance and have fun. The only problem is my dress. I don't love it, and I don't know what I'm going to wear. All of my friends have offered dresses for me to wear, but I'm just not sure what I want to wear. I might just wear a dress I already have. I got a new one, but I just don't love it. I'm not sure though, maybe I'll just wear the one I bought or just wear one of my friends. Pictures from HC may be featured on the blog, but I lost the memory card to my camera (of course, Katelyn) and so I can't use my camera on homecoming night to take pictures (not that my mom would have any idea on how to take pictures).

My birthday is also coming up! October 13, woot woot! I'll probably post a birthday wishlist at some point just for fun! I'm pretty happy that I don't have school on my birthday, but I didn't have school on my birthday last year (last year HC was on my birthday). I'm not sure if I'm doing anything with my friends for my birthday, but maybe!

Halloween! I'm pretty pumped for Halloween. A lot of my friends are just like, let's not go trick-or-treating, but I really want to. Or eat a bunch of candy at someone's house. But I absolutely hate scary movies and I legit refuse to watch them. That's why I dread not doing anything fun on Halloween.

I'm really just excited for October to officially pull out the sweaters and boots! Also to hit up Starbucks for a caramel apple spice. Starbucks is ridiculous though and hardly worth the money nowadays. Here are some images of a perfect October for me!

It's just too perf. It's such a perfect October. I just need to make this happen...ha ha. 

What's your favorite thing about October? Comment below!



  1. I love October too! My favorite thing is candles from Bath & Body Works! I currently snatched up my favorite in Pumpkin Carmel Latte :)


  2. October is my favorite month of the year!! My birthday is the 21st, so that's always fun, but I have to say my favorite thing is the weather because it starts to seriously cool down, but not to freezing! Which leads me to the fashion, my other favorite thing! #sweatersandboots



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