Fall into Autumn Part V: Fall Favorites

It is finally fall. I know it may seem like fall came a while ago, but for me it's actually feeling like fall now. I smell the fall in the air and it definitely has gotten very much chillier than it was! It's my last football game on Friday which is pretty sad because that means that the fall sports are ending and winter sports beginning. Drill team goes two seasons long, which can sometimes be a drag. I love being a part of drill and their are definitely perks of basketball season, but football season is just much more fun. But I'm really looking forward to competition season for drill this year. Their taking about 12 of the 23 girls they say, so I'm hoping that I make it, but honestly only being a sophomore I know there's a slim chance and I have 2 more years that I can be on the competition team. This Friday's game is a pink-out so hopefully I'll post pictures of it after the game!

Anyways so these are just a few of my fall favorites. I've been loving a few things so far for the fall time so here they are!

Pumpkin Apple Candle | This candle smells legit incredible. It is just like fall and amazingness all wrapped into one. I bought this candle on Friday with my mom and it's actually already half gone! It smells so good and I burn it all the time because it adds a nice warm smell to my room and just makes the overall ambiance much cozier.

Cozy Blanket | I love adding cozy blankets into my room for fall and just sleep with them and be super comfortable. I especially love this one in a fun fall hue and how soft and comfortable it is. This is basically the same one that I have in my room and I love sleeping with it.

Leggings | Where would I be without leggings? Leggings are so perfect to wear because they are absolutely the comfiest thing ever! I always wear them in the fall with boots and oversized sweaters for a perfect and super comfortable fall look. I love the Zella ones because they are very thick and quality and are not see through whatsoever!

Combat Boots | I just bought these boots from Steve Madden and they are absolutely adorable! They are not the comfiest things and they definitely feel like I'm wearing ice skates while I wear them, but they are so cute! Do any of y'all have tips on keeping your pants tucked into these though? Mine always pop out and look strange, but with leggings they're fine? Comment below please!

Christmas Lights | I put Christmas lights in my room last year in winter and used them a lot, but during the summer I really just never used them, but now I use them all the time! They add such nice lighting to my room and are perfect to use just when I want little lighting if I'm relaxing and watching Netflix or something. The only downside is that they're way to bright to sleep in. They just look so cute though. I just stole the ones that we put on our tree last year. Ha ha.

What are your fall favorites and how do I keep pants tucked into boots? Comment below!


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  1. Love your favorites! I keep them tucked in by rolling them so they are a little tighter on my ankle :)



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