I have very many idols and role models in the world including my family members such as my mom and my sister, but today I wanted to focus on my celebrity idols and role models. These are the people that I think have achieved a lot and have always stayed true to their heart and really haven't let fame get to them.

Selena Gomez | I think that Selena Gomez is honestly one of the sweetest people ever. She definitely is engulfed in fame, but she really doesn't let it get to her. Constantly on her instagram she's posting pictures of her with her fans and it just shows how much she truly does care about all of her fans. I think that she's honestly just a real person and is always looking to have a good time. And she hasn't seem to turn out like most of the crazed Disney stars yet and hopefully she doesn't!

Lauren Conard | I honestly don't understand how someone couldn't like Lauren Conrad. She is such a beautiful person; inside and out. At first her career on The Hills and Laguna Beach was less than promising to me, but she did manage to get some good out of it. She started her own clothing line and now she is definitely a figure of fashion and beauty. Her website is super cool too! I love her style and how put together she always looks. Honestly, she could wear anything and look good!

Kendall Jenner | I just love this girl. First of all she is just so gorgeous, but she's also a genuine person. Unlike the majority of the notorious Kardashian's, Kendall actually has a heart and is a lot different from the rest. Constantly she's always wanting less than she's being given. She loves to give back and help other people. I think she's made the most of her fame and hasn't let it get to her. She also has amazing style and is actually so pretty!

Blake Lively | I just want her hair! It is to die for! It's so gorgeous! But Blake is honestly a real person and she has such a great sense of humor. She also has great beauty in her exterior, but also in her personality. She seems just like such a fun person and her style is incredible. 

Kate Middleton | Can't forget Kate! She is truly just such an amazing woman. She's always giving back and is never looking to impress anyone with a certain image. She's traditional and classic in her style and in her beliefs. She's always smiling and is so gorgeous. She is just such a genuine person that I don't understand how someone couldn't like her. 

Now that I've told you my idols, who are yours?


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  1. Oh my goodness Lauren Conrad is literally the cutest thing ever! I met her over the summer at a book signing and I nearly died!


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