Current Wants

Now that my birthday is over, I've been looking for some things to spend my birthday money on! #sweetsixteen

White Converse :: I have legit wanted these for one full year. My friend Lucy had them in the fall of last year and I was like those are super cute. And now they are such a huge trend. I really love them and think they look really cool with anything! By the way I finally ordered these! I'm so excited to get them! My parents let me get them for my birthday so now I'm super pumped!

Brandy Melville Killin' It Tank :: I fell in love with this tank from the moment I saw it. I think it is just so cool. But, I doubt I'll be doing anymore Brandy purchases after I just ordered things (haul coming soon!). I really do love this tank though!

Baseball Glove Chair :: So technically I don't want this because it is the wrong color to match my room, but I'm so upset that this chair doesn't come in other colors. I saw it at the PB Teen store yesterday and my mom and I were obsessed with how comfortable it is. You immediately sink in, but are still free to work on a laptop or read a book. It's perfect, except for the color!

Honestly that's all I've been loving. I'm not sure of my opinions these days ha ha.


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