Socks. Socks. Socks.

If you ask anyone that I go shopping with you'd know that I've been obsessed with socks recently. I just feel like I have loser socks compared to everyone else in the world. There's a girl on my team who has the coolest socks and my brother also has pretty swag socks. So today I'm sharing with you a few of my favorite socks.

Socks aren't only comfortable, but they're also just super cool to wear with boots, converse or even just your favorite everyday shoes! These are some of my favorites!

I have the green ones in the bottom left corner from J.Crew. They are so cute. And I love the rest of these socks they are just too swag!

BTW: Happy October! Expect some more fall posts and some Halloween ones too!



  1. I love fun socks! I picked up a couple quirky pairs from J.Crew recently- I love 'em.
    Your blog is really cute, btw.


  2. I love fun socks as well! Those J.Crew pairs are too cute--I just might have to pick up some myself !



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