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I redid my room just a couple years ago, but I'm still looking to re-vamp it a bit. I've seen so many perfectly styled bedrooms on Pinterest and I've definitely felt inspired. I think the problem with my room is the junk. I have so much junk. Half of the stuff I have no idea where it came from, and the other half is just things that I don't need at all. I think it's good to go through your entire room {over the course of a few days} and just find everything that you don't need and just do a little clean up. In the midst of this it's also good to see what you need. I know that for my room I need a bit more storage. Yes I do have too much "stuff", but for the things that I actually want to keep I need a place for everything. That's the best way to stay organized. Here are the pictures that have inspired me to sort of re-vamp my room. 

I'm very obsessed with organized open shelving, books organized to perfection and even magazines and books stacked then topped with flowers. If I ever have fresh flowers in my room {in the summer I always love buying some from the farmers market} I always stack magazines and layer the flowers on top. I love the chic look it gives.

I'm also obsessed Sailing The Sea of Style {Sloane's} bedroom. See that post here! Her room is absolute perfection and I love all of the little details in it. Another thing I love is Citrus & Style {Caroline's} desk! It is so perfectly organized and I adore all of the bright colors. I'm hoping to sort of make my room a little bit more "me". I really love the colors, all of the stuff in it, but I haven't gotten to make it perfect yet. 

XOXO, Kate


  1. I love the inspiration! You will definitely have to post pictures once you finish all the organizing and decorating!

    Prep on a Budget

  2. I am in the process of changing up my room, and Pinterest has been my best friend recently!!
    I recently have been loving the very neutral room with the occasional pop of color here or there!! #perfection


  3. I'm obsessed with every picture you included!! If I could just have all of that in my room it'd be perf:) And I totally feel you, I have SO much stuff, I don't even know what to do with it all! Haha I can't wait to see what you come up with girl!


  4. I love all these pictures! Just found you blog- love!

  5. Love the organization boxes. Where did you get the striped and blue ones??


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