Dear Santa...

I've done a few gift guides on this blog, but I thought I'd take a quick break from them and share with you my Christmas List. I'm not asking for too many things in specific this year, but I've come up with a list of just random things that I'd love to receive this year! Obviously I won't get everything on my list, but it's still fun to dream up some perfect gifts.

1. I think the top thing on my list is the iPad Mini. I stole my mom's iPad from her so if she doesn't want it back then I don't need an iPad, but I like having something to use before I go to sleep, to listen to music from, and for reading books. I think they are really great and the mini is the perfect size.

2. A polaroid camera is definitely something that I want to get my hands on! I've been very hesitant to just purchase one for myself since they aren't too expensive. I think they are really fun to have, but the only reason I wouldn't want one is because the film is so dang expensive. 

3. I realized that I don't have many workout clothes and I really love these yoga pants from Lululemon. I really loved yoga pants in about seventh grade when PINK pants were like the thing. That was a dark time, but not I think that a quality pair of yoga pants would be a good investment. Plus, I love wearing yoga pants, but the PINK ones just don't cut it anymore.

4. My skin has especially been breaking out this year, although I've never had any trouble with acne before so I think that having a Clarisonic would be the perfect fit for my somewhat troubled skin now. I love how it comes in tons of fun colors! I absolutely love the two shades of blue, the light pink + the light purple.

5. I've come to notice that I have no bag other than my Longchamp that is perfect for every day use. In spite of this I desperately want the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac in almond. I absolutely adore the color because it matches everything and I'm always wearing gold so the strap fits. Also the purse is not too big, but not too small. I think cross body backs are very in and I personally love the look.

Okay so that's mainly my Christmas wish list! I'm sure there are other things, but those are my top favorites!

XOXO, Kate

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