Resolutions for the New Year

I think we all like to start the year off fresh, and what better way than to share a few resolutions. I haven't thought a ton about what I want 2014 to be, but the few things that have popped into my head are as follows.

Live :: I think that sometimes with all of the technology in the world, we forget the true meaning of life; to live. In the New Year I hope to go out and just live more. This quote basically sums up the truth! The best nights are always very spontaneous and just free. I want to make 2014 as adventurous and exciting as it can be.

Good Vibes :: Good people, good spirit, good vibes. Surrounding yourself with positive people is something that makes life so much easier, but also makes everything so much better. Hanging with people that are fun to be with, don't cause drama and always like to have a good time is the best way to go because no one wants to hang around boring and negative people. In the future I plan to ditch the people that aren't doing anything good for me and find new people that will. 

Be Free :: I think that what holds so many of us back is logic. Logic is obviously important, but if you just let yourself be free and a little wild amazing things can happen. By think less in this quote, I'd rather have it say worry less. I think worries are what causes so many of us to hold back and be more reserved and not live to the fullest. If we all just drop our worries, we can all be happy and just live a great life.

Make Yourself :: A wise quote says, "live is about creating yourself," and I believe this is entirely true. A person can always change and if you're unhappy with yourself, change it. If you're unhappy with your life, change it. Whenever I'm complaining my dad always asks me, "what are you going to do about it?". My response is always, "nothing," but I think I should stop complaining and think of something to do to change what I don't like about something. Obviously, not everything can be changed, but my dad always said, "control the controllable". 

Other Random Resolutions:

-use my camera {I think that more outfit posts are needed for this blog}
-turn of the tech {I'm so easily distracted by phones, the tv, and the computer and I think to succeed in school I need to take a break and just turn all devices off}
-journaling {I love using my blog as a sort of "diary" if you call it, but I honestly like journaling and looking back at journals from a long time ago {cough, cough, J} and seeing what my life was like at that point}
-eat healthier {I'm not trying to go like all organic vegan or anything, but I do thing enhancing my diet with fruits, veggies and anything healthy will definitely benefit me in so many ways}

What are your New Years Resolutions? 

XOXO, Kate

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  1. very nice and meaningful quote, very inspiring too!

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