Secret Santa

Saturday night my friends and I got together to have our annual secret santa party! We started this tradition in eighth grade, so this is the third annual secret santa party. I was so sad last year because I missed the party due to illness, but this year I was feeling great and I took a three hour nap before I went so I was full of energy! It was such a fun time! Ava hosted the party and her house was so decked out for the event. I got a super cute scarf from my friend Helen because she was my secret santa! We had some really good food and we got all dressed up for the party. Here are just a few photos from the event. 

If you can't tell already I'm pretty obsessed with unfocused photos of Christmas lights. I think they are like the coolest thing.

XOXO, Kate

PS I'm definitely going to do a "What I Got For Christmas" video that I will post up here the day after Christmas, but it will probably be on my YouTube on Christmas. So stay tuned for that!


  1. Great dress! I'm definitely bringing this up so me and my friends could try it next year! Looks so much fun.


  2. I love your photos of the unfocussed Christmas lights - they're fab!

  3. These are such fun pictures! Love your dresses and the tree is gorgeous!

    ~ Caroline

  4. Good to know about your Saturday night party and hope you had a great time. I am planning to have a family brunch party and in hunt of amazing venue Houston for the same. Hope to find a perfect one on time and in budget.


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