Black Friday Deals

This post may be a bit late since Black Friday was last week, but I thought I'd just update you on the things that I purchased from my black friday shopping! I went to a new outlet mall near me and let me just say; it was INSANE. People were everywhere! It was super crowded and there were super long lines for Tory Burch, Armani and Starbucks. It was crazy. I went into J.Crew Factory because they had 50% off everything (#swoon) and I picked up something that I had been dying to purchase! We ran into a couple different stores before calling it quits and heading home for the night. We left my house around 11:30 pm to go shopping and arrived back at home at 2:00 am. Then, my cousin Carly and I thought why not go for a second round of shopping? So with my Aunt and a few other cousins we all went to Dick's Sporting Goods and hit up another mall nearby. I made even more purchases at this mall. Overall, I would say the shopping was pretty successful! I can't show you everything I purchased because some of them were Christmas gifts for my family and they read this blog so...yeah. But these are the things that I purchased for myself!

First off from J.Crew Factory I picked up this shirt that I am legit obsessed with! I've wanted to purchase it for so long and for only $40 who can resist!

I also went to American Eagle and snagged these socks. Not too exciting, but I thought they were really cute so yeah ha ha. 

Then while at the mall in the morning I purchased these sunglasses, but the rims are mint green. I think they are so cute, but my cousin Carly hates them. Whatevs, my haters be my motivators. Ha ha why did I just say that? 

So then I was super happy about purchasing these Nike Free Runs at Dick's! I actually just ordered these from Nordstrom a couple of days ago, but they were backordered until January. Because I liked them so much I was willing to wait, but then I saw them at Dick's for the same price as Nordstrom, but I had a $15 coupon so they were only $84! The total came to $92 with tax, but still $8 cheaper than Nordstrom! I'm super happy with these shoes because I've gone through way too many bad gym shoes this year. 

That is all that I purchased this black Friday! I did purchase a couple other things, but they are Christmas gifts for some people so I can't share them with you! Hope y'all snagged some deals as well! I can't wait until next year when I have my license so that my cousin Carly and I can go all night black friday shopping! Woo hoo!

Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving as well!



  1. Black Friday shopping is so fun! I work in retail, so unfortunately I worked for 21 hours on Black Friday instead of getting to shop. Oh well! At least I made money to spend on clothes, right? ;)

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  2. Sounds like you got some pretty good things. Happy shopping!



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