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Today I'm talking about my newest favorite skin product; coconut oil! Coconut oil has so many uses and many celebrities swear by its properties. I picked mine up at Trader Joe's (1 pint for $5.99). It's basically the same price as any regular face wash, but I can tell it's going to last so much longer. I have been using the oil to apply to a cotton ball and remove my eye makeup at the end of the day (it works wonders) and as an overall skin saver! My skin is so the oil works as a light moisturizer. It has a solid form, but the instant it touches your finger tips it turns to a more oil like texture. I swipe my fingers over the product and just distribute it on the drier areas of my skin. It is instantly absorbed and my skin is way less flakey. Also, I apply it just all over my skin to just soothe it and help with acne. This product has worked very well over the past few days that I've been using it. Now, I already have pretty decent skin because I hardly break out. But, this year I've noticed more breakouts, and I have no idea what's causing them, but they have agitated me. I usually just use water to wash my face because anything else irritates it, so the coconut oil is just that little extra. Here are some major uses for coconut oil!

-eye makeup remover
-skin scrub (mix with fine salt or baking soda)
-used in cooking at high temperatures (does not become toxic like other oils)
-basic lotion for the skin
-natural spf 4 sunscreen
-fight frizz in your hair
-eaten for a huge energy boost + protein
-shaving cream/lotion
-help resolve acne

Although coconut oil works perfectly well on my skin, sometimes it can have some defects on different skin types. I recommend testing a small amount on your skin before totally going all out and using the oil all over your skin. It can break you out, so be careful! Coconut oil is not for everyone, but I just thought I would share it with you because it has worked very well for me.

XOXO, Kate

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  1. Coconut oil is the best! I'm going to visit Trader Joe's - only $5.99 is so affordable compared to other places. I'm glad it's becoming so popular!

    Constance || Prep Northwest


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