Holiday Gift Guide :: For the Men

Here we come, the official Holiday Season has begun! I already posted one of these holiday gift guides, but like I said I'm going to make a few different holiday gift guides featuring different people that you may have to be buying gifts for. This one is for the men in your life. These can be for any man! I don't need to buy a gift for a boyfriend #foreveralone, but I do have to buy gifts for my dad and my brother. These are just a few ideas of what to get for guys in your life. 


  1. Acqua Di Gio is my favorite cologne ever! Unfortunately, my brother and ex boyfriend wear it so it'd be pretty inappropriate of me to buy it for my current boyfriend. But that's okay, those socks are too cute!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

    1. It smells amazing, but I totally get you!


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