Winter DIY's

In the spirit of the Christmas season, I've been looking for fun DIY's to make different Christmas gifts or room decor. I've found all of these on Pinterest and they are absolutely perfect for the holiday season! I don't know if I'll actually have time to make any of these {finals are coming and they are stressing me out big time}, but I really want to make some of these!

Gift Wrap :: Bored of classic Christmas wrap, try using brown wrapping paper and splattering it with a bit of white, red, or green paint. Use a little garnish of a pine tree to finish it off! I love the name tag too! Initials are such a fun and different way to label a gift. 

Chalkboard Card :: Try a new holiday card this year by painting the front with chalkboard paint. Use chalk to decorate the front however you like! I'm not sure how well this DIY would work because the chalk might rub off, but it's still worth a shot!

Gold Pinecones :: Who doesn't love gold during the holiday season? Grab pinecones from your backyard, the woods or even store bought ones and use gold spray paint to decorate them. You can even glitter them using spray adhesive and glitter! Tie the pinecones onto some twine and you have a perfectly pretty garland! Or, use a clear bowl and lay the pinecones for a festive, yet smile decoration.

Joy Letters :: Use cardboard letters often found at craft stores and use different colored paints to decorate them any way you like. They are perfect for display on a mantle or on any surface! 

Glitter Bulbs :: Everyone has burnt out lights that they can't use anymore, or so they think! The lights still can be used! Use spray adhesive on the bulb and dip them into glitter. Any colors you like! Some good colors would be gold, silver, red, green or blue! Display them however you like!

Bath Fizzies :: I know my friends and I are super obsessed with bath bombs from Lush, but this is an easy DIY that turns out just like them! Follow Martha Stewart's recipe to create this super festive gifts! You can package them in mason jars with festive ribbon for an ultra cute display!

XOXO, Kate

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  1. Such a cute post girl! I love the gold pinecones and fun letters! I'd love to have them spell out "noel" on a shelf in my room:)



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