Lobstah Roll

I have fallen in love with this season's Lilly prints. They are to die for. My ultimate favorite is Lobstah Roll! The print is so cute and I'm just dying to purchase something in this super adorable new print. There are plenty of other favorites in the new spring prints such as Jellies Be Jammin and Mojo. 

Lobstah Roll

one // two // three
Isn't the print just too cute!? Ahh I'm obsessed with it.

Shop the print below! It's so cute!

50 Candles + Sweet 16

Today is a very special day. Today is my Dad's 50th birthday! I'm not so sure he'll be thrilled that I'm telling everyone how old he is, but I'm pretty sure everyone else in the world that knows him knows that he's turning 50. Anyways, since it's such a special day I felt the need to dedicate the post today to my loving father. 

Dad (Dan)-you are the funniest, craziest and greatest person in the world. You always make me feel better even when I go crazy. You make me and all of my friends laugh because your humor is incredible. You add so much to my life and I couldn't imagine my life without you. I couldn't have asked for a better father and I love you so much! Happy Birthday Dad!
It is also my friend Will's birthday and he's always asking for a shout out on da blog so happy birthday Will {sweet 16}!  You are one of the coolest guys I know and super preppy. I'm so glad we became friends this year! Thought I'd include a picture of the whole crew. 

4 Trends to Try This Spring

I'm not a huge trend follower just because I'm a firm believer in owning classic pieces in your wardrobe that are timeless. But, I think buying trendy pieces is an essential to really being a teenager. And usually a lot of the trends I see I really like. This spring I've been loving seeing all of the spring catalogs to see what's in store for this spring! And I'm loving what I'm see! Without further adieu, here are 4 trends to try this spring!
+Embroidery // I've been seeing this trend everywhere and I love it! I think it looks amazing on the shirt above and it adds such a cute element to something basic. I snagged the cutest pair of embroidered shorts from American Eagle and I couldn't be more obsessed {sorry, but they're not available online}.
+Chambray // This trend has been here for a while and I seriously adore it. Blue is my favorite color and I think chambray is a modern take on a basic blue. I love this chambray dress above; especially with all of the embroidering details!
 +Mixing Brights // Who says you can't wear multiple bright colors together? I think this look above of all the fabulous bright colors is perfect for the spring and super cute.
+Sneakers // Converse have been a favorite of mine since about sixth grade, but they've really become super trendy more recently. Basically everyone in my school has white converse, but honestly they're my favorite shoes! Now it's time to purchase some high top ones for me!

What trends are you excited to try?

Spring Sales

Today I'm heading into the city {it's not much of an excursion} for a fun day of shopping. I had to include this photo of my idol Cher because her style is just perfect and she's such a fab shopper. This is the first time in a long while that I actually have money to shop. Last time I went shopping I was on a strict budget of about $40. I've been babysitting a lot recently and earning some money and I'm set on buying some goodies that I love. Fittingly, there are plenty of sales going on at so many stores!

extra 50% off all sale styles

up to 60% off new spring styles

all shorts are $25 the entire weekend

online 30% off select styles and up to 50% off sale styles

friends & family sale; use code FRIENDLY for 25% off

Be sure to check out all of these fun sales and save money!

Top Tips to Clean Eating

I always talk about eating healthy, but I really need to start practicing what I preach. I find that when I'm at school it's a lot easier to eat healthy because I don't have as much free time to be eating and I try to eat reasonable portions. I think the problem is when I get home and I have a ton of junk at my disposal that I can just eat. I definitely should be cleaning out the pantry of all junk food, but my brother eats a lot of unhealthy foods {he's super fit though} so it's near to impossible. I have come up with these tips to eating clean! Some of these are simple things to add/subtract from your diet to eat healthy!

+1. Chia Seeds
Yes you read that right, remember those ch-ch-ch-chia pets, well their seeds are the new health crave. I love granola bars with chia seeds in them, but also adding chia seeds to your water will help you to feel more full and eat less. 

+2. Drink Water
Drinking water is always good for you, but to have healthy hair and skin especially you need to drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated y'all!

+3. Only eat if you're hungry
This is something I struggle with. I'm always just eating to eat. I really should only be eating if I absolutely need to eat. Food is fuel, not fun. 

+4. Fruits + Veggies
 I love fruit so it's never a problem to eat a lot {I eat two bananas every day for lunch}, but don't forget to eat your veggies. If you're not a huge fan of veggies throw greens into a smoothie so you can't taste them!

+5. Don't Binge
It's hard to start eating healthy, but bingeing is not going to solve anything. Bingeing will make you feel satisfied, but overly satisfied and it'll later make you feel sick. If you need a little something sweet try fruit, yogurt or even dark chocolate. 

+6. Portion Sizes
One thing people don't always pay attention to is portion sizes. Too much of a good thing isn't always a good thing, right? Even though you may be eating healthy, you have to control your portions. Also, a little bit of something healthy isn't so bad; everything in moderation.

+7. Lemon + Lime Water
Lemon and lime water is very detoxifying and helpful to your digestive system. All of that gunk that's in your digestive system needs to come out and lemon/lime water is going to help it do that. Especially if you've been eating junk food drink citrus water to help cleanse your system. The only question is lemon or lime?

+8. Don't eat out of boredom
I know if you're watching a TV show you might want something to snack on while watching, but don't snack on just anything. Don't snack if you're not hungry, but if you are eating something healthy. Some good snacks are grapes + blueberries {they're super good frozen too} or watermelon. I love those!

+9. Get your friends/family involved
It's so much easier to live a healthy life if you have people to share it with. Especially if it's whoever you're sharing your food with!

+10. It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle
Eating healthy isn't just something that you do until you become thin and then just stop. It's a lifestyle. Eating healthy has so many benefits and there are no side effects. Eating healthy can do nothing but benefit you.

1969 Denim

There's only one place I go for my jeans, and that is Gap. Gap has the best jeans for me! I'm like 5'8" so it's super difficult to shop for jeans because they're always too short on me! I randomly decided to try on a pair of jeans from Gap in the end of summer just because I thought that because I loved all their other clothes I would like their jeans. I'm so glad I did! Their jeans are amazing quality and so comfortable. My favorite style is the 1969 legging jean because they are high waisted and they are extra comfy. Gap has so many styles and fits that you are sure to find one that you like. These are my favorite denim things that are currently at Gap. They not only have great jeans, but also great jackets! Check them out! BTW, I'm including chambray because it's close enough to denim. 
1969 Denim

one // two // three // four // five

Shop the post below!

PS I'm obsessed with the denim vest! I want it!

Currently Coveting {April}

I've been doing quite a bit of online shopping recently just because I'm looking for essentials to be adding to my wardrobe. I definitely need to be spring shopping because I went on a huge overload of clothes in the fall and now I'm fresh out of spring clothes because my last huge spring haul was in eighth grade. I love a lot of the spring styes this year and I can't wait to make some fabulous purchases. Check out the items that I am currently coveting. 
Currently Coveting

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight

I'm pretty much obsessed with all of these items! That Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac needs to be mine soon because I've been eyeing it for such a long time! I'm also pretty obsessed with this Joie pullover! It's nautical and comfortable; pretty much my ideal pullover!

Shop the post below!

Slacking + Links I Love

I've been extremely slacking lately. I'm not sure why, but everything seems to be a chore these days and currently it's super late at night, my room is a mess and I've done not even half of my homework. I've done a good job of searching for clothes online though. Well, here's the time to make a little announcement about an upcoming project...I'm making a new blog! I know this is going to be the third blog I've made, but this is the final one. I'm sick of the name Seersucker & Stripes. I want to make my blog more of a lifestyle blog anyways rather than strictly preppy style. I'm getting this one professionally designed and I'm currently in the process of collaborating with a designer. I'm really looking forward to creating this hopefully amazing blog and having a ton of fun with it. 

Stay tuned for when this new blog is released. It will probably be ready in July so there's a bit of a gap between now and then, but I'll still be posting over here until then. I hope you guys are as excited as I am to start fresh and grow as a blogger. 

Anyways, now that that's been said, links I love! I have an obsession with Pinterest as most of you may know and I have found so many links (many via Pinterest) this weekend that I love. I've done way too much time procrastinating, but along the way I've found a few fun things that I'd like to share with y'all. 

+Running Schedule // I'm determined to become a better runner and moreover just workout more. In the beginning of badminton season we ran a lot (I know--sounds weird to do for badminton, but trust me you're running around that court like cray when playing), but now we have matches all the time so there's no running at practice. I'm definitely a beginner when it comes to running, but if I follow this schedule I'll hopefully be able to build up my endurance and become a better runner.

+Wake Up Pretty // I've been up late these past few nights like I mentioned above and sleep is pretty much nonexistent, but this link has been helpful; the busy girl's guide to waking up pretty! It gives you plenty of tips to save you time when you're super busy, but still want to look presentable.

+Drybar // I've been wanting to go to Drybar and get a blowout for some time and I've been exploring their website even more recently. Even if there's no Drybar near you they have plenty of tutorials on their website so you can try to recreate their looks at home! I'm obsessed with the Mai Tai look and the Manhattan look.

3 Forever 21 Festival Looks

I went through a phase when Forever 21 was my go-to spot for clothes. I loved the idea that the clothes were cheap, but trendy. Especially when I was looking to change my image Forever 21 was the place to go to get a lot of clothes. Then, I went through a time when Forever 21 was sort of just a chore to go into. I didn't go into the store anymore on shopping trips just because it was such an excursion to go find things, but now I'm rediscovering it. I'm rediscovering the reason why I fell in the love with the store. Sure it may not be the best quality, but they have super cute and inexpensive items that can be worn for some time. I have a habit of buying things and only wearing them a few times and getting sick of them and Forever 21 makes this process OK. At least if the items were inexpensive I feel less guilt of getting rid of them after some time. With this new breakthrough in my newfound love for Forever 21 I have found some pieces that I simply love and are perfect for festival season. I am dreaming of going to Coachella, but because that's a few thousand miles away I can still be wearing some of the festival clothes that I've found at Forever 21. These pieces are perfect for daily wear in the summer!

Festival Looks

one // two // three // four // five // six

PS I hope you have a fabulous Easter weekend (if you celebrate), otherwise just have a fabulous weekend!

The Essentials

I've come to the conclusion that the reason why I can never seem to pull together a decent outfit for school is because I don't own some of the essentials. I think I own too many pieces that have too much "character" and they can only be worn certain ways.  I own items that are more patterned and I can never seem to match them with much. I think there are a certain few things that every girl needs to have in her closet and I'm pretty sure I need to purchase a few of these for mine!

The Essentials

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven

Navy Blazer // A navy blazer is always an essential in any girls closet. It can be dressed up or dressed down and I think adding an essential blazer in one of my favorite colors would be the perfect addition to my closet.

Striped Tee // Paired with the navy blazer this look would be perfect! But, the stripe tee can also be worn on its own. The stripe tee would be amazing for any look.

Essential Bag // I have been in love with this Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC for quite some time and I think it's perfect! I think a neutral toned bag is perfect for everyday wear and also matches a ton of things.

Neutral Flats // I love Tory Burch flats and in this neutral color they are perfect for every day wear! They match any outfit and look super chic.

Chambray Popover // Chambray came in a couple season ago just as a trend, but I'm sure it's here to stay for a while. I love the look and I think a good neutral popover is perfect for layering or even wearing it on its own.

Denim // A classic pair of jeans is perfect for everyday wear. Every girl needs a comfortable, well-fitting pair of jeans to wear on a daily basis.

Watch // I love this navy watch from J.Crew. It's the perfect size, if only it wasn't $400. A watch that goes well with many outfits is the perfect accessory and is so simple.

Shop the essentials below!

I ♡ Spring Tag!

I've been waiting for spring to roll around to finally do this tag! Y'all know how much I love tags and I really couldn't resist! Spring is my favorite season (it's a tie with summer now because it just snowed on Monday...ugh!). Anyways, if you're reading this answer the questions of this spring tag as well and leave a comment letting me know where it is so I can check it out!

1. Favorite spring nail polish?
I always love mint nails for spring so of course Essie's Mint Candy Apple and Essie's Turquoise & Caicos. These colors are super similar, but they are two of my favorites for spring! See more colors I love for spring below. 
2. What is your must have lip color for this spring?
I'm not very into lip color, but I think a soft berry color or a bright coral lip looks really good--I probably won't be wearing either of these colors though. Chapstick is my lip color.

3. Show us your favorite spring dress!
Okay, so I recently popped into Forever 21 at the mall because I was in dire need of an Easter dress and wasn't looking to spend a whole lot and I found an adorable floral dress and I'm seriously obsessed! It was only $17.80 (steal!) and it is perfect for spring!

4. What's your favorite flower?
I just made a post about spring flowers, but my favorite flowers are tulips and hydrangeas! Honestly, what flowers aren't beautiful though?!

5. Favorite spring scarf or accessory?
I'm not a huge scarf person, but I love sunglasses! A current favorite of mine is these classic Ray Ban clubmaster shades. They are seriously timeless and perfect for spring!

6. What spring trend(s) are you most excited about this year?
I've been loving high waisted shorts (too hipster I know) because they are the perfect look for summer. And they are so much more comfortable than just regular shorts! The classic Levi's are preferred. 

7. Favorite spring candle?
I love the Mimosa candle by Diptyque! It smells so good!

8. Favorite perfume for spring?
I love Ralph Lauren's Big Pony #3 perfume it smells so light and fresh!

9. What is spring like where you live?
Well--as I mentioned it snowed on Monday! It was 80 degrees on Saturday and then 30 on Monday! Okay Chicago completely doesn't understand weather. Usually spring is pretty nice though because it tends to get warmer out, but recently it hasn't been. I can't wait to move to California.

10. What's your favorite thing about spring?
I love that everything becomes beautiful once again after a long and dead winter. Everything blooms and looks so pretty and the world is bright and fresh with color. I also love spring flowers!

11. Are you a spring cleaner?
My family definitely is (my mom is such a neat freak) and I think I should be this year because my room needs some work...my closet is a black hole right now. 

12. Any plans for spring break or an upcoming vacation?
I already had my spring break in the beautiful Sea Island, GA which was lovely! I'm hoping to jet off to California this summer to take a look at a few colleges that I'll hopefully be attending in the fall of 2016! OMG #college!

What do you love about spring?


With my obsession with Pinterest (do you follow me...you should!) I recently added a new board called Shop! I'm pretty obsessed with this board and am constantly looking at it for inspiration on what to buy next (I'm a spender, not a saver). I thought it'd be fun to share with you my favorite things as of right now that I'd love to purchase!

Shop the pieces below!

April Showers Bring May Flowers

It's been raining quite a bit recently, but I can't complain (at least it's not snow). As everyone knows...April showers bring May flowers! I can't wait for the flowers to bloom and for everything to become pretty once again. I also love going to the Farmer's Market and picking out fresh cut flowers to display in my room. My favorite flowers would be hydrangeas, tulips and peonies, but honestly what flower isn't pretty? Here's a little inspiration...

What's your favorite flower?

Sunnies for Spring + Summer

Sunnies for Spring + Summer
one // two // three // four

I'm all for sunglasses, in fact they are one of my most worn accessories. Although these sunglasses are more high end than I buy (just because I constantly am losing and breaking sunglasses) these sunglasses are the perfect accessory for spring and summer. These sunglasses have different funky styles that are so in for this spring and summer. I personally love the third pair of the classic club master ray bans. If I were to purchase an expensive pair of shades this would be the pair. Although, maybe tortoiseshell as the color!

-Looking for a bright trendy pair of sunglasses? This pair is for you!

-I don't know if I'd ever wear this pair of shades, but these are so cool!

-And check out this adorable pair of sunglasses from Wildfox!

Weekend Links

This weekend I'm definitely relaxing. Last weekend I went to a teen retreat and my weekend was pretty hectic because of that and there was very little time to relax. I'm thinking a little bit of retail therapy is much needed this weekend because I honestly haven't gone shopping in a while (like since spring break) and that's a long time for me. I'll try to restrain myself from buying things, but no promises! This new post idea is basically just what it says, but moreover things to do over the weekend. Sometimes with the whole "relaxation" portion of the weekend I tend to get nothing done. I'm trying to bring this to an end by motivating myself with things to do each day. Here's a few ideas of what to do over the weekend!

Sunday Brunch Mimosas // Mimosas are a favorite of mine (virgin, of course) and I saw this post on the glitter guide with different mimosas recipe. Bring a little fun to your Sunday morning and try out one of these fab recipes!

Pattern Play // Mixing patterns is huge this season and The Everygirl gives you a little lesson on how to mix prints like a pro. I think practicing this is necessary before I actually try and wear it out in public.

Blog Tutorials // If you're ever bored this weekend, why not add a little pizzazz to your blog? This blog xomisse has amazing tutorials on pretty much anything you could imagine! Check out her blog for tips and tutorials to add fun things to your blog and make it even better!

Whale of a Sale // If you're like me and need to take some shopping time check out the many online sales going on at the moment. Vineyard Vines has plenty of new items in their sale and J.Crew is offering up to 50% spring clothes! Check them out!

What are you up to this weekend?

The Everyday Crossbody

I am in dire need of a cross body bag. I own about 3 cross body bags, but they are all just not very good. They're all from just random stores, but I think that I need to invest in a quality bag. I've opted for the classic cross body bag just because I think they are the easiest to transport. Don't get me wrong, I love using my Longchamp as a purse, but sometimes I need something with a bit more organization on the inside (the inside of my Longhcamp tends to be a black hole). I think cross body bags are the perfect bag for spring and although I think I may opt for a neutral, the spring fashions brought plenty of super fun bright colors!

Shop my favorites below!
I'm especially loving this Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac in this totally neutral hue. I've been wanting this since Christmas, but nonetheless I'm still not sure if I want to make the purchase.


I've never been to big of a fan of cropped things, but honestly I'm starting to like them. I just saw this post from Lauren Conrad about tackling the fear of crop tops. I totally agree with her because I was definitely afraid of this trend for a super long time. I've now come to my senses and realized that crop tops aren't so bad...as long as you wear them the right way! I love the tips that Lauren gives on her blog, but here are my top 5 tips to wearing crop tops (you may be surprised with how many ways you can wear them!).

1. Layered
I never really thought about this idea for a long time, but it always confused me why people bought cropped sweaters. I realized though that they look fabulous layered over longer tops. I think sheer ones especially. It's a great way to add some fun to a simple outfit.

2. High Waisted
I think crop tops look best worn with something high waisted so there's not too much skin being shown. High waisted shorts in the summer are a great way to pair crop tops! It looks super trendy and is a totally wearable outfit for the summer

3. Skirts
Skirts look amazing with crop tops because usually they are a bit high waisted. I think it shows off a little skin (in the summer especially), but nothing to risky. 

4. Sweater Over
I think it may be the awkward back that shows when people wear crop tops. The stomach part is usually covered up because people almost always wear crop tops withs something high waisted. I think that a loose sweater or cardigan layered over a crop top covers up that back and it looks like a more pulled together. 

5. Beach
Crop tops are perfect for beachwear because they are totally acceptable at the beach. Some people may be a bit skeptical of someone wearing a crop top anywhere, but the beach is an exception. Crop tops (knit ones especially) make super cute coverups!

Shop my favorite crop tops!

Q & A: Photography

I haven't done much posting about my camera (other than the fact of just mentioning that I enjoy using it). And, I'm definitely no expert at taking pictures, but I think I've learned a bit about my camera so I decided to answer the most typically asked questions about the photography for S&S. 

What camera/lens do you use?
I use a Canon EOS Rebel T3i with the 18-55 mm lens (kit lens). This camera is a great camera to start out with because it's not too difficult to use, but it's images are very high quality. I have only had this camera for about 10 months and I have not yet invested in a new lens because at this point in time I don't feel the need for one.

Where do you shoot outfit posts/pictures?
If I'm on vacation I tend to shoot a lot more often because there are very scenic locations to shoot in. Around my town there's not many super great locations, but I think shooting in nature is best. Find some trees or flowers and use these as a backdrop.

What editing system do you use for your photos?
I typically only use iPhoto to minimally edit my photos. I tend to never really play around with the exposure, brightness or anything like that, but sometimes I'll make small adjustments. 

Are DSLR cameras worth the money?
This is a question that I asked myself many times before committing to making this big purchase, but here's my answer. If you have a purpose to buy a DSLR camera then it's most definitely worth the money. I made the jump to buy this camera because I wanted quality photos on my blog and I knew this camera would give me that quality, but if you have no real purpose for using a DSLR camera it's not worth buying.

What are the best features to your camera?
Personally, I like Canon cameras better just because I feel like they are easier to operate, but I haven't had much experience with a Nikon camera anyways, so I really shouldn't be saying anything. My favorite features include the sport mode for capturing multiple images in one single click and the video. One of my favorite things other than taking photos is making and editing videos and I love that my camera shoots in 1080 HD! It makes the video super crisp and clear. I also love that you can go back and forth with auto focus and manual focus. This allows for you to get every type of photo that you want.

What are good starter DSLR cameras?
The camera I have, the Canon EOS Rebel T3i is a great camera to start out with or the Canon EOS Rebel T3. I've also heard that the Nikon D3200 and the Nikon D3100 are also great starter cameras. Plus, what's great about DSLR cameras is that you buy a frame and then you can buy and interchange different lenses. 

I hope this post cleared up any questions that you may have had about my camera/photography! Comment below any other questions!

10 Things That Make Me Happy

I was inspired to write this post after I saw Connie from Prep Northwest write this post. I have to credit SarahBelle93X for inspiring many people to further pursue this type of post/video. I think that this style of post is very uplifting and I think it's important to try and remember the reasons why you love life and not the reasons why you hate it (I'm typically better at remembering why I hate it...). Here are 10 things that make me happy! Some of these are big things in my life and other things are just little things that make me smile!

1. California // Los Angeles
Los Angeles is easily my favorite place in the world. I love it there so much! It feels like home and I can't wait to go back. I probably sound crazy, but it's just amazing there. There's such a laid back vibe, but it's not too slow. It has a city life, but isn't New York. It has perfectly beachy and effortless style. The palm trees! And LA's surrounding areas are great. When I went we drove to Malibu and visited Pepperdine (where they filmed Zoey 101) and it was a pure dream. We also visited Beverly Hills and of course walked down the legendary Rodeo Drive. The restaurants, people, places and beaches of LA make me want to call it home someday.

2. Dance
Dancing is definitely one of my favorite things to do. I love jumping, turning and leaping! The funny thing is I never took formal dance classes. I took Irish Dance, and practiced a bit before drill team tryouts, but most of what I've learned is self taught or has been learned from being on drill team.

3. Boating
I've wanted a boat for the longest time because I seriously love the sea! I love being on the water and feeling the breeze of the wind rushing over my face and through my hair, with subtle splashes of water ever so often. Every time I go to someone's lake house and they have a boat I get so excited because hopefully we'll be going for a boat ride!

4. The Beach
I love going to the beach and feeling the sand on my feet. And jumping in the cool crisp water. I personally think that I like the ocean better because the beaches for lakes can sometimes be a bit nasty, but then again there are sharks in the ocean...

5. Chicago
Although I always talk about leaving Chicago for Los Angeles, I truly do love downtown Chicago. It's always a fun place to visit. I love going to Navy Pier, Lake Michigan, and Michigan Avenue. And I'm so lucky that I live so close! On Sunday mornings (when we go for church) we can make it to the city in 15 minutes tops.

6. Photography
I'm so glad that I purchased a camera last summer because it was such a great investment. I use it a ton and it's so much fun to just take pictures of anything and everything. I do wish that it was a bit less clunky so that I could bring it more places, but I think that owning a quality camera was a wise decision.

7. Vineyard Vines
My love for Vineyard Vines has grown since I've become more familiar with their products. At the current moment I'm pretty much obsessed with their t-shirts and acquiring as many Vineyard Vines products as I can! Lucky for me a Vineyard Vines store was added to Chicago recently so my fave store is now nearby! And this picture includes two of my favorite things; the beach and Vineyard Vines!

8. Coastal Living

Spring break was pretty much a dream come true because we stayed at a beautiful house on the beach. I love houses on the coast and it's sort of my dream to live in one. Especially a gorgeous home like this surrounded in flowers!

9. Hydrangeas
Speaking of flowers...I love hydrangeas! They're most definitely my favorite flower and I just love the way they look. There are so many different colors and they are little mini bunches of flowers. And they look absolutely beautiful surrounding a house!

I love reading quotes and writing some of my own! On my phone I have a note with about 150 quotes that I happen to come across, or that I write myself. It's great when you're in need of motivation or inspiration. I also love using Pinterest to find uplifting and meaningful quotes.

What are things that make you happy?

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