4 Trends to Try This Spring

I'm not a huge trend follower just because I'm a firm believer in owning classic pieces in your wardrobe that are timeless. But, I think buying trendy pieces is an essential to really being a teenager. And usually a lot of the trends I see I really like. This spring I've been loving seeing all of the spring catalogs to see what's in store for this spring! And I'm loving what I'm see! Without further adieu, here are 4 trends to try this spring!
+Embroidery // I've been seeing this trend everywhere and I love it! I think it looks amazing on the shirt above and it adds such a cute element to something basic. I snagged the cutest pair of embroidered shorts from American Eagle and I couldn't be more obsessed {sorry, but they're not available online}.
+Chambray // This trend has been here for a while and I seriously adore it. Blue is my favorite color and I think chambray is a modern take on a basic blue. I love this chambray dress above; especially with all of the embroidering details!
 +Mixing Brights // Who says you can't wear multiple bright colors together? I think this look above of all the fabulous bright colors is perfect for the spring and super cute.
+Sneakers // Converse have been a favorite of mine since about sixth grade, but they've really become super trendy more recently. Basically everyone in my school has white converse, but honestly they're my favorite shoes! Now it's time to purchase some high top ones for me!

What trends are you excited to try?


  1. I'm loving these trends! I agree with all of them - especially the mixing brights!
    Great post, Kate!

    Constance || Prep Northwest


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