10 Things That Make Me Happy

I was inspired to write this post after I saw Connie from Prep Northwest write this post. I have to credit SarahBelle93X for inspiring many people to further pursue this type of post/video. I think that this style of post is very uplifting and I think it's important to try and remember the reasons why you love life and not the reasons why you hate it (I'm typically better at remembering why I hate it...). Here are 10 things that make me happy! Some of these are big things in my life and other things are just little things that make me smile!

1. California // Los Angeles
Los Angeles is easily my favorite place in the world. I love it there so much! It feels like home and I can't wait to go back. I probably sound crazy, but it's just amazing there. There's such a laid back vibe, but it's not too slow. It has a city life, but isn't New York. It has perfectly beachy and effortless style. The palm trees! And LA's surrounding areas are great. When I went we drove to Malibu and visited Pepperdine (where they filmed Zoey 101) and it was a pure dream. We also visited Beverly Hills and of course walked down the legendary Rodeo Drive. The restaurants, people, places and beaches of LA make me want to call it home someday.

2. Dance
Dancing is definitely one of my favorite things to do. I love jumping, turning and leaping! The funny thing is I never took formal dance classes. I took Irish Dance, and practiced a bit before drill team tryouts, but most of what I've learned is self taught or has been learned from being on drill team.

3. Boating
I've wanted a boat for the longest time because I seriously love the sea! I love being on the water and feeling the breeze of the wind rushing over my face and through my hair, with subtle splashes of water ever so often. Every time I go to someone's lake house and they have a boat I get so excited because hopefully we'll be going for a boat ride!

4. The Beach
I love going to the beach and feeling the sand on my feet. And jumping in the cool crisp water. I personally think that I like the ocean better because the beaches for lakes can sometimes be a bit nasty, but then again there are sharks in the ocean...

5. Chicago
Although I always talk about leaving Chicago for Los Angeles, I truly do love downtown Chicago. It's always a fun place to visit. I love going to Navy Pier, Lake Michigan, and Michigan Avenue. And I'm so lucky that I live so close! On Sunday mornings (when we go for church) we can make it to the city in 15 minutes tops.

6. Photography
I'm so glad that I purchased a camera last summer because it was such a great investment. I use it a ton and it's so much fun to just take pictures of anything and everything. I do wish that it was a bit less clunky so that I could bring it more places, but I think that owning a quality camera was a wise decision.

7. Vineyard Vines
My love for Vineyard Vines has grown since I've become more familiar with their products. At the current moment I'm pretty much obsessed with their t-shirts and acquiring as many Vineyard Vines products as I can! Lucky for me a Vineyard Vines store was added to Chicago recently so my fave store is now nearby! And this picture includes two of my favorite things; the beach and Vineyard Vines!

8. Coastal Living

Spring break was pretty much a dream come true because we stayed at a beautiful house on the beach. I love houses on the coast and it's sort of my dream to live in one. Especially a gorgeous home like this surrounded in flowers!

9. Hydrangeas
Speaking of flowers...I love hydrangeas! They're most definitely my favorite flower and I just love the way they look. There are so many different colors and they are little mini bunches of flowers. And they look absolutely beautiful surrounding a house!

I love reading quotes and writing some of my own! On my phone I have a note with about 150 quotes that I happen to come across, or that I write myself. It's great when you're in need of motivation or inspiration. I also love using Pinterest to find uplifting and meaningful quotes.

What are things that make you happy?


  1. Oh my gosh, you make me want to write a post like this too! But I have a feeling they would be eerily similar ;) and of course as you know, L.A is my dream/home too! Hopefully one day we'll both be there and can hit up the grove!! :D

    1. Definitely write one if you get the chance and OMG yes to the grove!!!

      XO, Kate

  2. I love your list! It's so positive and was a great read. I'm so glad you got around to doing this post, Kate!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

    1. Thanks Connie for your comment and the inspiration to write this post!

      XO, Kate


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