The Everyday Crossbody

I am in dire need of a cross body bag. I own about 3 cross body bags, but they are all just not very good. They're all from just random stores, but I think that I need to invest in a quality bag. I've opted for the classic cross body bag just because I think they are the easiest to transport. Don't get me wrong, I love using my Longchamp as a purse, but sometimes I need something with a bit more organization on the inside (the inside of my Longhcamp tends to be a black hole). I think cross body bags are the perfect bag for spring and although I think I may opt for a neutral, the spring fashions brought plenty of super fun bright colors!

Shop my favorites below!
I'm especially loving this Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac in this totally neutral hue. I've been wanting this since Christmas, but nonetheless I'm still not sure if I want to make the purchase.

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