Sunnies for Spring + Summer

Sunnies for Spring + Summer
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I'm all for sunglasses, in fact they are one of my most worn accessories. Although these sunglasses are more high end than I buy (just because I constantly am losing and breaking sunglasses) these sunglasses are the perfect accessory for spring and summer. These sunglasses have different funky styles that are so in for this spring and summer. I personally love the third pair of the classic club master ray bans. If I were to purchase an expensive pair of shades this would be the pair. Although, maybe tortoiseshell as the color!

-Looking for a bright trendy pair of sunglasses? This pair is for you!

-I don't know if I'd ever wear this pair of shades, but these are so cool!

-And check out this adorable pair of sunglasses from Wildfox!


  1. Tortoiseshell is always perfect for sunglasses - they always stay in style! I need to pick up a new pair, mine are all scratched up! Love your picks, Kate!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

    1. Tortoiseshell is always in style! I agree! And I think I should invest in a nice pair as well! Thanks for your comment Connie!

      XO, Kate


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