3 Forever 21 Festival Looks

I went through a phase when Forever 21 was my go-to spot for clothes. I loved the idea that the clothes were cheap, but trendy. Especially when I was looking to change my image Forever 21 was the place to go to get a lot of clothes. Then, I went through a time when Forever 21 was sort of just a chore to go into. I didn't go into the store anymore on shopping trips just because it was such an excursion to go find things, but now I'm rediscovering it. I'm rediscovering the reason why I fell in the love with the store. Sure it may not be the best quality, but they have super cute and inexpensive items that can be worn for some time. I have a habit of buying things and only wearing them a few times and getting sick of them and Forever 21 makes this process OK. At least if the items were inexpensive I feel less guilt of getting rid of them after some time. With this new breakthrough in my newfound love for Forever 21 I have found some pieces that I simply love and are perfect for festival season. I am dreaming of going to Coachella, but because that's a few thousand miles away I can still be wearing some of the festival clothes that I've found at Forever 21. These pieces are perfect for daily wear in the summer!

Festival Looks

one // two // three // four // five // six

PS I hope you have a fabulous Easter weekend (if you celebrate), otherwise just have a fabulous weekend!

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