Top Tips to Clean Eating

I always talk about eating healthy, but I really need to start practicing what I preach. I find that when I'm at school it's a lot easier to eat healthy because I don't have as much free time to be eating and I try to eat reasonable portions. I think the problem is when I get home and I have a ton of junk at my disposal that I can just eat. I definitely should be cleaning out the pantry of all junk food, but my brother eats a lot of unhealthy foods {he's super fit though} so it's near to impossible. I have come up with these tips to eating clean! Some of these are simple things to add/subtract from your diet to eat healthy!

+1. Chia Seeds
Yes you read that right, remember those ch-ch-ch-chia pets, well their seeds are the new health crave. I love granola bars with chia seeds in them, but also adding chia seeds to your water will help you to feel more full and eat less. 

+2. Drink Water
Drinking water is always good for you, but to have healthy hair and skin especially you need to drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated y'all!

+3. Only eat if you're hungry
This is something I struggle with. I'm always just eating to eat. I really should only be eating if I absolutely need to eat. Food is fuel, not fun. 

+4. Fruits + Veggies
 I love fruit so it's never a problem to eat a lot {I eat two bananas every day for lunch}, but don't forget to eat your veggies. If you're not a huge fan of veggies throw greens into a smoothie so you can't taste them!

+5. Don't Binge
It's hard to start eating healthy, but bingeing is not going to solve anything. Bingeing will make you feel satisfied, but overly satisfied and it'll later make you feel sick. If you need a little something sweet try fruit, yogurt or even dark chocolate. 

+6. Portion Sizes
One thing people don't always pay attention to is portion sizes. Too much of a good thing isn't always a good thing, right? Even though you may be eating healthy, you have to control your portions. Also, a little bit of something healthy isn't so bad; everything in moderation.

+7. Lemon + Lime Water
Lemon and lime water is very detoxifying and helpful to your digestive system. All of that gunk that's in your digestive system needs to come out and lemon/lime water is going to help it do that. Especially if you've been eating junk food drink citrus water to help cleanse your system. The only question is lemon or lime?

+8. Don't eat out of boredom
I know if you're watching a TV show you might want something to snack on while watching, but don't snack on just anything. Don't snack if you're not hungry, but if you are eating something healthy. Some good snacks are grapes + blueberries {they're super good frozen too} or watermelon. I love those!

+9. Get your friends/family involved
It's so much easier to live a healthy life if you have people to share it with. Especially if it's whoever you're sharing your food with!

+10. It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle
Eating healthy isn't just something that you do until you become thin and then just stop. It's a lifestyle. Eating healthy has so many benefits and there are no side effects. Eating healthy can do nothing but benefit you.

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