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I've been waiting for spring to roll around to finally do this tag! Y'all know how much I love tags and I really couldn't resist! Spring is my favorite season (it's a tie with summer now because it just snowed on Monday...ugh!). Anyways, if you're reading this answer the questions of this spring tag as well and leave a comment letting me know where it is so I can check it out!

1. Favorite spring nail polish?
I always love mint nails for spring so of course Essie's Mint Candy Apple and Essie's Turquoise & Caicos. These colors are super similar, but they are two of my favorites for spring! See more colors I love for spring below. 
2. What is your must have lip color for this spring?
I'm not very into lip color, but I think a soft berry color or a bright coral lip looks really good--I probably won't be wearing either of these colors though. Chapstick is my lip color.

3. Show us your favorite spring dress!
Okay, so I recently popped into Forever 21 at the mall because I was in dire need of an Easter dress and wasn't looking to spend a whole lot and I found an adorable floral dress and I'm seriously obsessed! It was only $17.80 (steal!) and it is perfect for spring!

4. What's your favorite flower?
I just made a post about spring flowers, but my favorite flowers are tulips and hydrangeas! Honestly, what flowers aren't beautiful though?!

5. Favorite spring scarf or accessory?
I'm not a huge scarf person, but I love sunglasses! A current favorite of mine is these classic Ray Ban clubmaster shades. They are seriously timeless and perfect for spring!

6. What spring trend(s) are you most excited about this year?
I've been loving high waisted shorts (too hipster I know) because they are the perfect look for summer. And they are so much more comfortable than just regular shorts! The classic Levi's are preferred. 

7. Favorite spring candle?
I love the Mimosa candle by Diptyque! It smells so good!

8. Favorite perfume for spring?
I love Ralph Lauren's Big Pony #3 perfume it smells so light and fresh!

9. What is spring like where you live?
Well--as I mentioned it snowed on Monday! It was 80 degrees on Saturday and then 30 on Monday! Okay Chicago completely doesn't understand weather. Usually spring is pretty nice though because it tends to get warmer out, but recently it hasn't been. I can't wait to move to California.

10. What's your favorite thing about spring?
I love that everything becomes beautiful once again after a long and dead winter. Everything blooms and looks so pretty and the world is bright and fresh with color. I also love spring flowers!

11. Are you a spring cleaner?
My family definitely is (my mom is such a neat freak) and I think I should be this year because my room needs some work...my closet is a black hole right now. 

12. Any plans for spring break or an upcoming vacation?
I already had my spring break in the beautiful Sea Island, GA which was lovely! I'm hoping to jet off to California this summer to take a look at a few colleges that I'll hopefully be attending in the fall of 2016! OMG #college!

What do you love about spring?

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  1. I'm obsessed with mint nails for spring - for the couple of months of spring I wear it practically exclusively!

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