Over Under

While I was vacationing in Sea Island, Georgia gKe and I stopped in a random store because we saw Vineyard Vines in the window (total intrigue!!!). We were so happy that we did because we discovered a new brand Over Under! We were so happy to have met the owner himself Brian Horn. He was so sweet and gave us tons of free merchandise. He gave us koozies, sunglasses, beach balls and plastic cups. All with the classic Over Under emblem on them. We were so pleased! His designs are fabulous and we also met his sweet companion, Lottie Grace. Many of the designs were based on this pooch and she was so adorable. Please check out his website for this totally awesome brand. All products are made in the USA and they come in so many colors. gKe and I decided to purchase t-shirts and then we of course had to have a photo shoot and model our new purchase!

**excuse our extreme sunburn! gKe and I thought that it wasn't super sunny out so we were idiots and didn't wear sunscreen (horrible idea!!!) and got pretty burnt!**

gKe's t-shirt // kMm t-shirt

FIY this was not a sponsored post. I totally fell in love with this brand once we discovered it, but I have no affiliation with the brand itself. All opinions are my own.


  1. That hat looks so great on you! I'll have to check out Over Under, it sounds like a great company!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

    1. Thanks Connie! And definitely check it out, I love the t-shirts!

      XO, Kate // seersuckerandstripes.blogspot.com


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