The Essentials

I've come to the conclusion that the reason why I can never seem to pull together a decent outfit for school is because I don't own some of the essentials. I think I own too many pieces that have too much "character" and they can only be worn certain ways.  I own items that are more patterned and I can never seem to match them with much. I think there are a certain few things that every girl needs to have in her closet and I'm pretty sure I need to purchase a few of these for mine!

The Essentials

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Navy Blazer // A navy blazer is always an essential in any girls closet. It can be dressed up or dressed down and I think adding an essential blazer in one of my favorite colors would be the perfect addition to my closet.

Striped Tee // Paired with the navy blazer this look would be perfect! But, the stripe tee can also be worn on its own. The stripe tee would be amazing for any look.

Essential Bag // I have been in love with this Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC for quite some time and I think it's perfect! I think a neutral toned bag is perfect for everyday wear and also matches a ton of things.

Neutral Flats // I love Tory Burch flats and in this neutral color they are perfect for every day wear! They match any outfit and look super chic.

Chambray Popover // Chambray came in a couple season ago just as a trend, but I'm sure it's here to stay for a while. I love the look and I think a good neutral popover is perfect for layering or even wearing it on its own.

Denim // A classic pair of jeans is perfect for everyday wear. Every girl needs a comfortable, well-fitting pair of jeans to wear on a daily basis.

Watch // I love this navy watch from J.Crew. It's the perfect size, if only it wasn't $400. A watch that goes well with many outfits is the perfect accessory and is so simple.

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  1. I really want to get a pair of either Reva flats or Miller Sandals! They are so cute and the perfect wardrobe essential!

    Prep on a Budget

    1. I have black Reva flats, but I think nude would make an excellent addition to my closet! Thanks for your comment Hunter!

      XO, Kate


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