3 Spring DIY's

Spring is a time to start fresh and what better way than with a DIY! I've been wanting to try these DIY's because they're just so spring-y! I'll definitely compile a post if I venture out and try one of these, but knowing me (not good at keeping promises--terrible quality I know) I probably will not ever try any of these DIY's...but let me know if you do!

Metallic Critters // I've seen so many chic desks with gold critters on them!  I don't even need a link for the tutorial for this one.  Simply go to the craft store or toy store and pick up a couple little plastic animals of your choice. Use gold spray paint to color them and you're done! I love the way this one turns out and I definitely want to try this out! I think they look so cute styled around living spaces. 

Dip Dye Sneakers // I've had a white pair of Keds for the longest time now and I didn't know what to do with them. They're giving me no use sitting in the closet. I could wear them plain white, but to be honest I don't love Keds in general. I had to buy them for drill though so I might as well put some use to them and I think this is the perfect way to do it! I'm thinking a mint dip dyed pair would be super cute! Click the link for the tutorial!

Tassel Garland // I also really want to try out this tassel garland as well! It looks so adorable in any area! It would look fabulous over a bar cart, but since I don't have much use for a bar cart over my desk I think it would look super cute! If you're not totally into DIY-ing the garland check out Blush Bazaar for some already made, available for purchase garland. Their color combinations are fabulous and if you don't think your garland will turn out right this is a great alternative!

What are you wanting to DIY this spring?


  1. Ooh, I love the dip dye DIY! I will definitely be trying my hand at that one. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It looks like a ton of fun to try out! Thanks for your comment!

      XO, Kate


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