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I haven't done much posting about my camera (other than the fact of just mentioning that I enjoy using it). And, I'm definitely no expert at taking pictures, but I think I've learned a bit about my camera so I decided to answer the most typically asked questions about the photography for S&S. 

What camera/lens do you use?
I use a Canon EOS Rebel T3i with the 18-55 mm lens (kit lens). This camera is a great camera to start out with because it's not too difficult to use, but it's images are very high quality. I have only had this camera for about 10 months and I have not yet invested in a new lens because at this point in time I don't feel the need for one.

Where do you shoot outfit posts/pictures?
If I'm on vacation I tend to shoot a lot more often because there are very scenic locations to shoot in. Around my town there's not many super great locations, but I think shooting in nature is best. Find some trees or flowers and use these as a backdrop.

What editing system do you use for your photos?
I typically only use iPhoto to minimally edit my photos. I tend to never really play around with the exposure, brightness or anything like that, but sometimes I'll make small adjustments. 

Are DSLR cameras worth the money?
This is a question that I asked myself many times before committing to making this big purchase, but here's my answer. If you have a purpose to buy a DSLR camera then it's most definitely worth the money. I made the jump to buy this camera because I wanted quality photos on my blog and I knew this camera would give me that quality, but if you have no real purpose for using a DSLR camera it's not worth buying.

What are the best features to your camera?
Personally, I like Canon cameras better just because I feel like they are easier to operate, but I haven't had much experience with a Nikon camera anyways, so I really shouldn't be saying anything. My favorite features include the sport mode for capturing multiple images in one single click and the video. One of my favorite things other than taking photos is making and editing videos and I love that my camera shoots in 1080 HD! It makes the video super crisp and clear. I also love that you can go back and forth with auto focus and manual focus. This allows for you to get every type of photo that you want.

What are good starter DSLR cameras?
The camera I have, the Canon EOS Rebel T3i is a great camera to start out with or the Canon EOS Rebel T3. I've also heard that the Nikon D3200 and the Nikon D3100 are also great starter cameras. Plus, what's great about DSLR cameras is that you buy a frame and then you can buy and interchange different lenses. 

I hope this post cleared up any questions that you may have had about my camera/photography! Comment below any other questions!


  1. I spent over a year contemplating whether I should buy a Canon Rebel and finally took the plunge. So glad that I did! It has definitely been one of my better investments!

    Emily || emilyanddot.blogspot.com

    1. I think purchasing my camera was one of the best buys ever! It has so many uses!

      XO, Kate

  2. Great info! You should look into the 50mm lens! It's so much better than the kit lens! It's only about $100 bucks and totally worth it- I don't shoot with anything else.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I'll definitely check it out!

      XO, Kate


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