Winter Treats

I'm not sure I'll have time to bake this year, and it's making me really sad. I love baking plenty of cookies and fun treats that are festive for the holidays! I actually used to have cookie parties every year where my friends and I would bake tons of cookies and decorate them. They were so much fun, until we sort of outgrew them. But, this year with finals and drill and everything in between I really hope I can squeeze in some baking because I've been pinning so many different delicious delicacies on Pinterest that I'm just dying to try!

BEWARE :: do not read if you are hungry!

I really want to try this gingerbread cookie recipe because I'm obsessed with gingerbread cookies! 

Another gingerbread recipe that looks amazing!

And I'm kind of obsessed with these reindeer cookies. They are just too cute!

XOXO, Kate

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