Officially Obsessed - Olivia Palermo

Yes! I did it! I survived final exams! It was a bit stressful, but all of the finals that I was worried about turned out to be not so bad. Except for Spanish. I probably failed that final. It was so hard and usually Spanish is just an easy A, but I don't know. That class has been a joke until the final. Anyways, I wanted to start fresh with a new series called "Officially Obsessed". This can include anything that I'm obsessed with. People, trends, cities, recipes, outfits, etc. I'm really excited to make a few of these posts, but here's the first. I'm officially obsessed with Olivia Palermo. Her style is absolutely perfect. I started pinning some pictures of her on Pinterest and I love her sense of fashion. I think that this first look is my all time favorite. I'm becoming obsessed with high waisted shorts...literally six months ago I wouldn't be caught dead in those. What is happening to me?

XOXO, Kate

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