Time for a Detox

So Friday night I ate way to much. Like I'm talking way too much. And it was all junk. It was actually so bad. I ate donuts, a hot dog, an Izze, a Sprite, some rice cripsie treats, some brownie bites, pizza... Ok, it was just so bad and awful. I honestly can't believe I ate so much junk.

And ever since I ate all of this crap my stomach has been feeling a little odd. So I think it's time for a detox. I need to flush all of the bad stuff out of my system and start fresh. So here's what I'm going to be doing.

The picture says it all. Lemon water is my new thing! I'm going to be drinking it more often than not so that I can continue to rid my body of any toxins or bad food on a day to day basis. 

Now let me just say, lemon water is not my favorite thing, but if it will help me stay healthy, it's worth a try. I think that this will help me feel a lot better and say in good health while the flu has been spreading around.

Have you ever tried a detox? Comment below!


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