Shoutout to Ma Girl

Hey guys. So many of my posts recently have been extremely random and stupid, but I wanted today to give a shoutout to one of my favorite bloggers out there! 

I would like to acknowledge one of the kindest blogging friends that I have gotten the chance to interact with. 

It is Caroline from VA is for Lilly Lovers!

She is actually the sweetest girl ever! I love that she comments very nice and helpful comments on a lot of my blog posts. Y'all should totally check her out and join her site (through google friend connect) because she is truly great. 

Caroline, also I would like to thank you for always supporting my blog. You don't know how much I appreciate all of your comments, emails, etc. You are definitely one of my best blogging buddies! Thank you so much for all of your support and all of your super nice commentary. 

Check her out now!



  1. KATELYN, I LOVE YOU!! Hahaha You are tooo sweet! And you are totally welcome! You do all the same things to me, and I cannot thank you enough! You make the blogosphere a better place! lol at that lame joke;)


    1. I just thought you should earn a little recognition for all that you do! Thanks so much!



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