Wednesday Wishlist (& Mid-Teenage Crisis)

Hey guys so today I'm sharing with you my Wednesday Wishlist. Some of the things are a little abstract, like things I just want but they're not physical products, and others are just random things I've been dying for lately. 

Okay, so right now I'm in a mid-teengage crisis as I call it. I've been very unsure of my style these past few weeks and I'm definitely looking to change it up. I've been feeling more of the California hipster vibe lately rather than preppy. I don't know. I might give the style a whirl, but we'll see how that goes considering I have a preppy blog. Who knows?

Like I said I'm very confused about all this, but we will have to see. I'm extremely missing summer and I still watch things like from the summer (tv shows, youtube videos) and it makes me miss it even more. Maybe that's why I'm feeling like I need a more surfer style. I'm not sure. So a lot of these products are a lot more just surfer/California inspired. Anyways, here goes!

I left these pics smaller because they were blurry otherwise. This shirt is just far out and I love it. Los Angeles (the parts other than the freeways) is my favorite city! I've only been there once (and I may or may not be going there again!). I seriously wish I lived there and I just love this shirt.

These shorts definitely seem like a random item, but I think they look so comfy. I have really been wanting some Brandy Melville shorts for a super long time (I have yet to own anything from there yet, comment below if you'd like to hear my Brandy story/favorites, although I might write a post anyways) and these are just great. I think that they are really cute, although summer is coming to a close.

Gah! I want a polaroid camera so badly! And the actual camera itself is like so cheap, but it's just the film! Garrrrrrrr! The film is just so expensive that it seems worthless to buy the camera if I don't want to pay for the film. 

So those are my Wednesday Wishlist items. Oh, and by the way I'm in the process of trying to change my name. I'm sick of Katelyn. I've just had it for too long and it's just so MEH. And I have like 50 classes with like 40 girls named Katelyn! So now, it's just Kate. 


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  1. I totally know how you feel! I went through a similar situation, and finally realized I am a true prep, but not strictly. I like to have "California-inspired" days too! I don't think you have to stick to a certain style, it's just about what makes you feel the best! And I would love to see a post on Brandy!



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