Fall into Autumn Part II: Fall Inspirations

Another post for the Fall into Autumn series is right here! I just recently started a board on Pinterest to go along with the theme: Fall into Autumn! Check out the board and follow me on Pinterest! Anyways, I've been pinning a lot of fun fall themed pins and I wanted to give you guys a little fall inspiration...so here we go!

Is this not the image of a perfect fall? 

Honestly, I don't love fall (although my friend Aves is convinced that I was obsessed with it like last year--but I clearly wasn't), but this year I'm giving it a bit more of a chance. I think this year I've just been buying more fall clothes, etc. so I'm ready for it.

And...a fall haul is coming up soon! And an outfits of the week video too!



  1. I love this collage so much! I can't wait to see your fall haul and video :)


  2. All of these photos have me wishing for fall weather! Love that sequined mini in the bottom right. :)



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