Fall into Autumn Part III: Crushing on Cords

So cords are a huuugeee fall trend. They've really been on trend for the fall for a really long time, but they are just that great! Wait, have you ever noticed I start like every blog post with so. I'm sorry, I just do. But anyways, cords are like my favorite thing right now!

They come in so many fun fall hues and they are so comfortable. I'm especially loving the cords from Gap! I ordered mine online because I'm 5'8" so the regular ones at the store are too short! #tallpeopleprobs
I love the fit of these cords and the texture. They are super soft and I have already purchased 3 pairs from Gap! No surprise they're from Gap because I buy everything from there. Just this weekend I went and bought a new shirt, pair of leggings and workout shorts. Literally me. 

These pants are just too fall worthy to pass up. I love pairing them with basic shirts and sweaters for the fall. I adore colored pants in general (I wore teal pants like every day last year--ask anyone) so cords are perfect. And these legging ones from Gap actually feel like you're wearing leggings (always a bonus)!

These are the 3 I have (the green ones are on the way)! 

And if you go online to Gap they're having 35% off everything until 9/24! Happy shopping!


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