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So this week has been pretty stressful with random things. Drill has been stressing me out a lot recently since we're performing today at a spirit assembly. We finished learning our dance this week and then we had to clean the entire routine (clean: go through the entire dance and make sure everything looks good and sharp). And our coach just kept saying that it still did not look good. Also, it's hip-hop which is definitely not my strength, but I've been told by a few people that I'm actually good at this routine so I'm feeling pretty confident.

So wish me luck at my performance today. It's at the end of the school day and a lot of people ditch the assembly, but still I'll be performing in front of at least 3,500 people. It's a little easier performing at football games because the people are far away, but when we perform on the basketball court in front of the entire school, there are literally people sitting 5 feet from where I'm dancing. It's a little intimidating when everyone's eyes are directly on me, but I feel the adrenaline and it makes me a better performer at least. 

So anyways, my favorites.

Gnarly Okay | I just stumbled upon this blog on tumblr and I fell in love. It is so perfect and love all of the California elements. I think that I'm going crazy because all of the things that I've been loving recently, are totally not me. But, that's okay I can be insane. I really like this tumblr and I think it's really gnarly (get it...ha).

 Pasta | I'm not sure why I didn't love pasta before, but I really do now. I never didn't like pasta, it just wasn't my favorite thing ever. I loved buttered noodles as a kid, but now my favorite is pasta with a little butter, salt, pepper and some parmesan cheese. #delish. I especially love gluten free pasta. It just has a better taste and texture to it, I think, than regular pasta. But don't worry pasta will never replace my favorites: chicken nuggets and bruschetta. Gotta have em!

Those are my faves! What are yours? Comment below!


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  1. Oh good luck!! I'm sure you'll do a fabulous job! Oh girl, pasta is a food group at my house! My mom makes it all the time, and I'm so glad! I love it too:) Have a great weekend!



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