Friday's Photos

Yes! Finally! 'Tis the weekend! I am literally so happy! This week has been tough with getting up and my whole babysitting schedule. Monday I had a doctors appointment so I didn't go to drill practice (pretty happy I missed the insanity workout session until 6). And then Tuesday through Thursday I went to drill until 5:30 and then babysat for the rest of the night. It's been hard with not getting a ton of sleep, but I've made a ton of money so that's good!

So here's my week in pictures. Let me know if you want to see more of these! PS: I was inspired by Preppy on the West Coast to do a post like this. Check her out!

Chilling at the doctor's office taking selfies. Literally me. 

At practice, like always. Hardcore dancing all day, every day.

Babysitting. That was like my whole week.

Typical after practice snapchot.

My new love. Gluten free pasta. SO YUMMY!

That's my week! How was yours? Comment below!

And I've got a football game tonight! I'm so excited to perform at halftime! Wahoo! I'm looking forward to having a fun Friday night though!


(see now I've just shortened it to K--what is wrong with me? many things...)


  1. Great post I really like your idea and layout for this one!


  2. I love doing MWIP (my week in pictures) posts! I write one every week and they're great to look back on and remember the little things that happened! Here's my latest one - :)


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