Friday Faves

Hey y'all! Hope you have an amazing Friday! Tonight's my first football game and I'm so pumped to perform! There will hopefully be a post up about that with pictures/video! 

So here are just some of my favorites from the week!

THATSOJACK | Actually this guy is literally so funny! Okay so I used to watch his videos like a super long time ago when he made music videos and he was just awkward and funny. But now he makes these hysterical videos of him just ranting on and on. He's so funny I actually laugh out loud and die when I watch him!

THE ENDLESS SUMMER | This is just one of my favorite tumblrs that I recently discovered. There's a post coming out soon about the blogger behind it because she is literally my idol. This is a total surfer tumblr and it just makes me want to go surf and be cool in California. 

What are your favorites of the week?


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