Fall into Autumn Part IV: Fall Makeup Looks

Hey. So I'm really sorry for not having a post up yesterday. I'm really not sure why I didn't write one. It sort of just slipped my mind (I write them the night before) and when I woke up I checked all the blogs I read (mine included) and I was like, "WAIT I DIDN'T WRITE A BLOG." But, I like all my blogs to be uniform and go up at midnight, so I just skipped out on yesterday. 

I'll be getting back in the swing of things starting now. And I'll even be blogging on the weekend too! I feel like everyone has time on the weekend to be reading blogs, so I want to post on Saturday and Sunday. Anyways, let's get into this post.

So with autumn finally here (I mean basically), there's so many fun makeup trends that I've been loving recently. I think that fall is really the time to mess around with makeup and try out different looks. And try out all the dark colors that you've been wanting to (or not wanting to ha ha). I think that fall looks should be warmer tones and lots of brown, copper, tan and gold. There are more colors, but those are all I can really think of. Those shades are great on eyes for a fun look of color. I don't always wear eyeshadow (it's just so time consuming to put on), but when I do I go for warmer, darker shades, but that are still wearable in the daytime. I love using both the Naked and the Naked 2 palette, but I think for the fall the Naked 2 palette is a little warmer toned. 

Mascara is simply a must for me and I think that lashes with great volume and thickness are totally in. I love the look of thick and almost clumpy lashes these days. I think that dramatic lashes look absolutely stunning on everyone. I love a ton of different mascaras, but my favorite brands are Covergirl, Maybelline and Urban Decay for mascaras. Definitely give those a try. Or if you're looking for a more natural look try the Covergirl Natureluxe. I wore it one day and my friend Aves was like, "What mascara are you using because it looks so great and natural!" I think it looks really pretty and doesn't clump. 

And I'm loving dewy cheeks as well! Adalia just recently did a post about dewy blush and I absolutely love the look. I think cream blush is great for the fall and also cool to wear in darker tones. Reds, deeper pinks and even more brown-toned colors work perfect!

Can't forget the lips! Bold lips are so in! I've been seeing so many celebrities and YouTube beauty gurus buying and wearing so many fun lip colors this fall. I especially love the red lips trend. I don't know if I can pull it off, but I may have to try! I think that Revlon Lip Butters are perfect because they don't dry out your lips, but they add nice creamy color. Or the Clinique chubby sticks are great too! I've been loving red, berry, hot pink, and coral lips for this fall!

This just basically sums up my favorite looks for fall!



  1. Oh, I love these looks! Normally I barely wear any make-up so I feel like it'd be strange to sudden be wearing red lips, butttt I love the look so much I may have to try it myself! And dewy cheeks, so pretty. Great post girl!


  2. Glad you loved my post! I'm definitely going to give these looks a try too!



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