Throwback to Gossip Girl

So in honor of Throwback Thursday today I thought I'd do a little post about the most wondrous Gossip Girl. I won't spoil anything about the plot because I know that still many people are continuing to watch the show. A lot of my friends have just caught on and since it's all on Netflix, why not watch it? Gossip Girl definitely took over my life at one point, so try and keep it from doing that if you are just starting to watch the show.

But anyways, I miss it! I love the show and all of the characters so much. And the style is to die for! I just miss it so much so I thought I'd make a collage of some of my favorite moments/outfits/characters of the show. But honestly every episode is my favorite so it was really hard to choose on pictures!

Tell me who your favorite character is! Comment below! I cannot decide on mine, but I love Chuck!

And I just love this.


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