The Emily + Meritt Collection

My local mall has just recently adopted a new PB Teen store. I usually go into PB Teen when I'm at the mall now just to take a peek and see what new things they have. And let me just say their new collection. To. Die. For. I have been lusting over it. It is just so classic and perfect. It really makes me want to re-do my room with this type of theme, but I just re-did my room about two years ago and I know my parents aren't looking for me to entirely re-do my room once again. And with college in just two short years ( I won't be re-doing my room until I'm shopping for my dorm (wait-no college cannot be this soon, honestly where does the time go?). So here are just my favorites (there are a lot) of the new Emily and Meritt collection at PB Teen.

I really love of all of the little decorative pillows with their cute sayings and sequin accents. So cute! What doe you think? Comment below!


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  1. Oh, how cute! I love it too, can't wait to get the catalogue! Haha;)



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