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Okay so technically I'm not a 90's child because I was born at the end of the 90's in 1997, but honestly I'm a 90's kid. The 90's generation is definitely the best ever and I'm sure most of you if you're my age or older would agree. So today I'd like to reminisce on the wonderful 90's. Because, according to Teen Nick The 90's Are All That.

So this video legit just sums up my childhood. It's pretty amazing how much I was freaking out when I was watching this because it was literally my childhood.
 So watch it if you are a 90's kid too!

And let me just say that these websites were my favorite by far! And they changed Polly Pocket's look, like what? You just can't do that. No. Thank. You. But I used a picture of her with her old classic look. #don'tworry

So these were my favorite TV shows/movies during the 90's and basically my whole childhood.

I know there's a lot, but TV was sort of my life as a child. Anyways here are a few questions related to the 90's! #the90'stag

1. Favorite TV Show
I think this question was already answered above. Ha ha.

2. Favorite Toy
My favorite toy was bop-it. It was seriously so much fun!

3. Favorite Commercial
I can't really think of any commercials that I loved during that time. But maybe the kool-aid jammer ones.

4. N'Sync or Backstreet Boys
I honestly cannot decide because they are both just too great!

5. Weirdest Fashion Trend
Definitely the platform flip flops. I had hot pink and black ones. And gouchos and ponchos were a huge favorite of mine.

6. Favorite Collectibles
I really only collected snowglobes because I was pretty strange.

7. Favorite Beanie Baby
I had the one for the month of October for my birthday and that was my favorite. Or the one for March since I was an Irish Dancer and I loved St. Patrick's Day for my dancing.

8. How many Tamagotchi's did you go through?
I never had any although I always really wanted one. :(

9. Favorite Game Console + Game
My favorite was GameCube and the Extreme Skate Adventure Game #somuchfun #istillplay

10. Favorite Disney Channel Original Movie
I answered this question above, but some of my favorites were Pixel Perfect, Phantom of the Megaplex, Life Size, Big Fat Liar, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, Even Stevens Movie, Halloweentown (all of them)...okay there are actually more, but there's way too many.

11. Favorite Music Artist
Hilary Duff was pretty amazing. I loved Backstreet Boys, N'Sync and definitely AARON CARTER! AHH HE WAS MY LOVE!

12. Favorite Nick Jr. Show
Rugrats all the way.

13. Favorite Candy
Hmm..I loved fruit snacks and I still do.

14. Favorite Game (board game, school game, etc.)
I loved Perfection the board game, but at school I loved playing house and stacking the solo cups ha ha.

15. Favorite McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
My favorite would probably be the Justice ones.

16. Favorite Book
Junie B. Jones or Coraline

17. Favorite Clothing Store
Ohemg, Justice and Limited Too. I was ooobbbssseeesseeeeddd as a child.

18. What did you watch when you came home from school?
Arthur, Drake & Josh, Zoey 101 and more. All of the shows featured above. Oh and Lizzie McGuire!

Hope you enjoyed this super long post of me ranting about the 90's. The good old days. Haha thanks for reading!

Comment below what you remember from the 90's if you were a 90's child as well!


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  1. Loved this post! Although I was born in 2001 I still remember all these things!



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