Brandy Baby

So I've been meaning to write this post for some time now, but I completely forgot about it. This post is all about Brandy Melville. So I went to California in March and I went to two different Brandy Melville's. I think going to that store was what I was most excited about in California. And I didn't get anything at either store. The first store I had picked out two things I liked and then I changed my mind and I thought no I don't need these. I don't know why I thought that! And then at the second store I grabbed two things as well and then they were like, "oh sorry our register isn't working so we can't make any transactions, but it'll probably be working in 30 minutes." I was like umm no I'm not waiting.   I would've if the store was bigger, but it was super small so there was really not much to look at. The first store was pretty big though. But, hopefully if we go to New York for spring break like my mom wants to I'll go to the Brandy there and buy some stuff and the LF there cuz LF is adorable.

Anyways so these are the pieces that I am currently loving. I am currently working on putting my haul video together and maybe doing a Brandy Melville lookbook or styling video. Let me know if you want to see that! Anyways, so these are my current faves. PS I know Brandy is a little bit out of my style, but I think that's why I like it ha ha.

The majority of the things are floral-type print and that is pretty central to Brandy Melville. You'll also find that they like to create a print and then create many different types of items in that same print. I like that so you can find the same pattern in a skirt or shorts or even a top!



  1. I would love to see a styling video! I'm in love with all your picks-especially the first one.


  2. I'm with Adalia!! You should totes do a video! :)



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