Friday Favorites

I really don't have much of an intro besides... I found the memory card to my camera! It was exactly where I put it last so I'm not sure why I couldn't find it. So now I can use it at the football game today and for homecoming pictures! Woo hoo! So let's just get into my favorites for the week.

Before You Exit | So this band is pretty swag. I really like their music and they usually do just covers of songs and that's how I found them first, but this is one of their original songs and it's so catchy! It's called I Like That! Definitely check it out I've been listening to it all week! And funny story about these hotties. I actually saw them in my hotel lobby when I was in LA and I honestly didn't recognize them, but I made awkward eye contact with Riley (the one in the middle). And then they kept instagramming pictures of the hotel and I was so mad that I didn't get a picture with them because we were leaving for the day! I guess I'll have nothing but my memories...haha whatever when I live in Cali I'll hopefully see celebs all the time. 

Brandy Melville | I've been obsessed with Brandy Melville recently. Like a little too obsessed. I'll definitely do a post soon, I've been working on it, but getting sidetracked pretty easily, hehe. But I just recently ordered some things from Brandy Melville since there are no Brandy's anywhere near me #awshucks. So I ordered some stuff and I'm thinking of doing a video haul. Let me know if you want to see that! Their clothes are just swagular and never really go out of style.

Anyways! HC is tomorrow. I finally figured out what I am wearing for a dress and shoes. Ha ha, when is your homecoming/what are you wearing?

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  1. I'm loving Brady Melville too! My Friday favorite is definitely Acvcii's new song "Wake me Up"! It's definitely been on full rotation!


  2. Oh my gosh, please make a video haul! I can't wait to see what you got from Brandy! I've been thinking about placing an order soon too..their stuff is just so awesome!



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