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Hey guys so I'm sorry of my absence lately. I was really only MIA for 2 days and this was just randomly due to a pretty busy schedule for me. I've been feeling a little uninspired lately for my blogging and I'm not sure why. All I seem to be posting is just random things that don't even matter, but I'm really trying to start posting some things more relevant to fall and things that are more interesting. Definitely comment below any requests that you have because I need more ideas. A Fall Haul is definitely coming up sometime this week and hopefully a few more fall related posts, outfits, DIY's or even videos will be up soon. Please give me suggestions because I need some inspiration.

So anyways, on with this post. I saw that Caroline from Citrus & Style just did a post about DIY's to try. I was so intrigued that I thought I should make my own post of the DIY's that I've been wanting to try recently so here they are!

Book Shelf // Bulletin Board // Photo Wall // Camera Strap

I need somewhere to be putting books when I eventually get into reading. I think that reading is like running; it helps everything. Reading helps you stay focused, read faster (saves you a ton of time in school), write better, expand your vocabulary and more. I think that I need to get reading, but also I want to have a cute way to display books. And magazines too! I am running out of space for those things!

Bulletin Boards are a must and maybe the reason why I'm uninspired is because I have no inspiration board in front of me to look at. I really want just a cork board to put some fun magazine clippings or maybe even pictures. Also, I've been very interested in purchasing a polaroid camera. I think I might because I'm just obsessed with cameras I think ha ha. 

And in the subject of cameras, a photo wall! With my DSLR camera I need somewhere to display pictures, but I also need to order prints of them! That's part of the reason why I want a polaroid, so that I actually print them out and I don't just let them take up space on my computer.

And still on the subject of cameras, a cute camera strap! This one is supah cute! I also love this one with it's bright pop of color!

Comment below! I love reading comments!


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  1. I love all of these DIY projects! For another post maybe you could do a "what's in my bag" video/post. I always find those really interesting :)



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