Just a Quote Kind of Day

So today I was feeling a quote. I've been very laggy lately and I just feel like life is in this same old boring routine, and I'm interested to stop waking up and looking forward to later that night when I can go back to bed. I'm sure this is common with many teenagers rather than just me, but still. So today is a quote, because I was just feeling one. And I know the information just given is entirely irrelevant to what I am talking about. Ha ha.

So anyways, onto this quote. This quote to me is absolutely perfect. I always know who is chasing their dreams, and who is being used to create someone else's dreams possible. I think that for me I need to set my goals high and not compare myself to others. Like this quote says you need to be building your own dreams, otherwise you're going to get stuck helping someone else make their dreams come true. This is a case where you should be putting yourself before others because in the end a true friend will want the best for you and they want your dreams to come true. 

Hopefully you guys agree with me.

So anyways, hopefully this weekend I'll be able to work more on getting up outfit posts, et cetera so that this blog can have a little more excitement to it. I've just been very busy recently with a lot of things scheduled throughout the week and over the weekend. Just hang in there, more is coming soon!


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  1. I loveee this quote! I'm assuming it's from Pinterest, so I'm going to find it and repin it! ;) Haha



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